Officially part of the SGG Family!

Hello Steem Silver Gold Family!

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Just in case you never heard of SSG and you are wondering what it's standing for, you should know that here on Steemit we have a great community #Steemsilvergold. In other words it is a group comprised of Precious Metals Investors, Collectors and Enthusiasts, always looking for new members who post quality and informative content about Precious Metals.
Well if you are interested in joining our great family i think the best way is to take a look at this short video that @vgholdingsllc is adding in all the posts regarding membership official nominations. It is a short video but straight to the point:

Now in my case the first nomination was from @silversaver888, follow right away by @stokjockey (millions of thanks to both of you). After that i got under review from the mods... keep in mind that even if you are nominated by two members of the community, you are not automatically getting your membership so in other words; nomination does not guarantee membership. The mods are the ones who get your membership confirmed...
Literally all you have to do is just post using #steemsilvergold tag , show some of your pieces that you feel comfortable to show and all the rest will follow!

Some updates for the community about Me...

First of all to show my support for our great community I delegate 1000 Steem Power to @ssg-community, like almost two weeks ago and today 250 Steem Power to @myprecious. I think like this it will help on the long run other members of the community and at the end of the day that's all about a community as i strongly believe that Sharing is Caring!
Since i am a little bit crazy about Silver i love the idea of Silver membership from @ssg-community for 1000 Steem Power delegated but i will increase it slowly slowly... of course to @myprecious as well!

I will leave in couple of days back to work and most probably i will not post till almost end of September (except most probably some posts using @actifit application). On a positive note once i am back home i will add a lot of posts as i already order online couple of stunning and amazing coins in pre-order that will arrive at the same time i will be back home. As well while i am away i will be "hunting" for some American Silver Eagles in all the years in proof, i will go for some Queen's Beast series of The Royal Mint, as i want to have all ten designs, and for sure for some "crypto" rounds, as for the moment i have only the Steem ones and i sow at @saffisara some super cool Bitcoin and Ethereum rounds... Let's hope i will have a prolific "Hunting"!!!
See you all soon...

Keep Stacking and Always Steem On and never forget that we are the best Community on this Blockchain!

And always remember!

Silver is one of the most highly manipulated and undervalued Assets on the Planet without any shadow of doubt!!!


A great article about your journey towards your membership to #steemsilvergold and @ssg-community. Safe travels, my friend, @georgemales.. and we will see you back in September.

Well my journey towards my membership to #steemsilvergold and @ssg-community happen mainly because of you so again millions of thanks... I will start posting back in September but meanwhile i will be around with couple of votes and a lot of comments!
Looking forward to see more of your stacking!

That was really a Great post to read my friend and how you became a member of ssg-community 😊
It really is a Great group of People to be a part of, Im glad you in here to.
I wish you a wonderful time and Stay safe. Se you when you get back 🌸🌼🤗

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I totally agree with you and i mention in my post as well.. we have the best community of people on Steem Blockchain... thanks a lot for the nice thoughts and see you around!
Looking forward to see more of your stacking!

I think I know what amazing coins you have pre-ordered haha :P Waiting to read a review on them as soon as you'll receive them :D. Cheers

Of course you know what amazing coins i have pre-ordered, since we did the order together and you took some great and amazing ones as well.. I just hope that slowly you will become more active and why not a member of SGG family if you will feel comfortable to share your rounds...
I know very soon you will start to be more active so why not to share some of your silver collection!

I was glad to see your post on my feed this time and read what are you up to. Sounds like a great community. I am looking forward to reading and learning more from your posts. Be well and safe travels!

Multumesc frumos Lavinia!😉

Welcome again to our Community @georgemales and a fine introduction.

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome @kerrislravenhill and have to admit i am a huge fan of your pirate posts... Looking forward to see more of them!

Ahhh. This is really nice all around. Welcome again to SSG. ☺️

Thanks a lot for the warm welcome @dfinney and millions of thanks for making the last call... I am really exciting to be part of such a great community!


Thanks a lot for the warm welcome @handofzara ...I am really exciting to be part of such a great community!

Welcome in @georgemales! See you around SteemSilverGold Town.