My first two American Eagle - Proof Silver Bullion Coins

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One of the main offices of the company that i am working for is in New York and most of the time before and after joining a cruise ship i am spending couple of days in the city. I remember one time i was talking with @tattoodjay to meet for a coffee as i notice he is working close by but he was really busy that time. In my case it's a lot of traveling but at the end of the day somebody has to pay the bills...
I took this Silver Proof American Eagles from a shop on 47th street right in the middle of the Diamond District. It's a shop run by a very friendly Russian guy, David if i remember correct.


I was not really after buying any coins that day and i was browsing around when i realize that i don't have any Silver Proof American Eagles. I took three of them but i give one as a present to a very good friend of mine @florianghe (he will be back on Steemit with some amazing posts really soon)...


I have the 1986 and 1987 ones and from what i know 86 is the first year that U.S. Mint has been minting these coins. Although there are classical coins and most of people know about them i will give you a bit of information about the design.
The obverse features a design similar to the Walking Liberties. It depicts Lady-Liberty walking amongst the prominent sun's rays wearing a gown stitched with the American flag's stars and stripes. In her left arm, she carries branches of laurel and oak which embody American pride. The design of the obverse was done by Adolph A. Weinman.
The reverse features the shielded eagle and was design by John M. Mercanti which was a sculptor engraver at United States Mint. Below its shielded breast, the eagle possesses an olive branch in its right talon and arrows in its left.
I have to admit i really like the way American Eagle - Proof Silver Bullion Coins are looking like as this mirror image imprint is really stunning!

Keep Stacking and Always Steem On!


Keep stacking 'em bro' Still waiting for a post about a Gold bullion coin maybe?! :) Ty also for the mention. Will indeed come back on steem in August.


100% i will keep stacking them... well i wish as well to write a post about a Gold bullion coin but for the moment is a bit out of the budget lol
Looking forward to see some of your posts in August and i hope you liked the present...
Take care bro and have a great evening!

Those are very cool coins sorry I could not meet with your hat time it was a cray week for me :(

Yesss... The mirror image imprint really makes them extremely cool and for sure i will get some more really soon. I remember that time when we spoke to meet, you were already on your way home and i was leaving the city next morning. Well maybe next time and i will let you know in advance!
Take care and have a great day!
PS: The main offices of the company that i am working for are located on 45th street and i notice that you work as well in that area so maybe next time we can meet for a coffee...

Yes I work not far from 45th and 1st so maybe next time these days I come in early and leave early generally by 3PM


The office is on 2W45th street but for the moment i am home in vacation... i really don't know exactly when i will be back but should be soon. I will let you know in advance and if we manage to synchronize our schedules it will be great to meet...

If I remember right thats not to far from Bryant park so maybe a 15 Minute walk from my Office so pretty close a 15 MInute walk for me is what I do in a short break LOL

I may be moving from here in the next few months nothing definite yet, but if you are in town before i move would be greta to meet for a coffee, well water for me LOL

I think from where i am it's about 15 minutes walk as well... If you don't drink coffee we can both drink some water, run our @actifit application and walk around and talk about Steem!😉

Ok thats a plan walking and talking works well for me :)

Yeah, at W47th between 5th and 6th... there are several ... and one that is popular and many stackers get their coins and silver from their online store is the Bullion Exchanges.. I enjoyed reading your article. I reall love the American Silver Eagle. Like you, I have the first year issue 1986 proof. I think now, that since I stack ASE a lot, and that I loove it very much, that I should start hunting of all the years in proof! I think I will add that to my wishlist. Have a great week, my friend @georgemales. So you are personal friends with @tattoodjay? I love his photos and got me interested in learning how to photoshop a photo to make it monochromatic!

I walked past those shops this morning but to early they were all closed
As for editing photos to mono I do use photoshop and there are different ways of doing it for a simple edit Lightroom is quicker and easier

I think i went to the one that you mention because couple of people told me about it, but i did not know that there are several shops there... i will have to take a better look next time. I want as well to have all the years in proof and if i am not wrong the one that i give as a present to @florianghe was 2004...
I see that @tattoodjay already wrote you a bit about the photos but if you have additional questions just ask him and from what i know he will replay you really soon... he is a legend in the The Engagement and Curation Leagues as he always takes the first place!
Have a great week @silversaver888 and Keep on stacking!

Just stopping by to welcome you to Steem Silver Gold! Your nomination is approved. ☺️

I will put an announcement in Monday’s membership post from the @myprecious account.

HERE is last week’s as an FYI.

Cheers! 🥂

Thanks a lot for the comment @dfinney, but i don't think that my nomination was approved as i took a look couple of hours after the post that you mention was online and did not sow my name there (and it's already 3 days old)... i start slowly slowly to follow a lot of members of steemsilvergold community and somebody resteem the post (now i follow @myprecious as well)
Anyway if you know something that i don't and i am really approved that will be amazing as i will increase my delegation next week to @ssg-community to 2500 Steem Power and slowly in the near feature i will start as well to delegate @myprecious
Did a bit of a crazy thing today and order online few very stunning coins but since they were in preorder i will receive them at the end of September and just wait to post about them...
Have an amazing end of week and Cheers! 🥂

I am the approver. 😉

ray brockman and I are the mods for SSG. ☺️
So.... welcome to SSG! 😁

The official announcement will go out on Monday.

Wow...You really made my day with this news!!!

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