I Ordered Some 2019 Steem Silver Rounds!!

in #steemsilvergold2 years ago

Yesterday I ordered 10 Steem Silver Rounds from steemsilverround.com. From what I heard, they’ll be ready in November. I decided to order 10 of them to take advantage of a slight discount. I couldn’t justify paying $35 for an ounce of silver with shipping taken into consideration, so with the bulk discount and shipping spread across 10 rounds, it came out closer to $23 per round. A much better price. I love stacking and I love Steem so I’m super excited to get these!

I encourage anyone who wants to support the #steemsilvergold community here on Steem to order some rounds!

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Congrats on the great buy and resteemed!!

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Appreciate the support @dropthatcode. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the silver and history that cones with owning a #steem round

is this site legit? please let us know Im interested on getting some too, looks nice