MR4 for the win!

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Super glad I dropped 100 SBD to enter the 4th monster raffle put on by steemsilvergold.

My first prize showed up today. Thanks @stokjockey

Here she is. The beautiful 2004 proof set. Sweet silver.

I also got a bonus.

I’ve never owned any of these in the past. Super pumped about it all.

Looking forward to next year.

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Don't you worry. As soon as I come back to Canada, I will send you your coins. :=)

I’m no worried. Enjoy your travel

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CONGRATS on the win, mine are still getting boxed out tonight them to my winners. It's on my to do list for the weekend!!.

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That Florida coin with the ship and the shuttle is awesome! Great prize(s) from @stokjockey 👍

ah back in the day when every state got their own custom design on a quarter that was pretty cool

Congrats @dkid14 it's always a thrill to win especially something really Top Shelf as these proof sets. I was fortunate to get drawn with a modest quantity of entries. I anxiously await my first MR prize and will post asap.

WOW! I had no idea they put these on that is freakin cool. I have these sets back from when I was born till now. Always a nice present on the holidays ;) Congrats on the win!

Thank You @dkid14 and Congratulations on Winning in the MR4 Raffle. I Really Appreciate the Kind Words and I know it's FUN to have Sets.............

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