LCS Visit!

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steemsilvergold gold is always talking about visiting the LCS. I was confused the first few times I saw it in posts or on discord.

LCS = Local coin shop.

Well I found one in town today and dropped $40.

Here is one of the coins I got. 2oz



I plan on visiting a lot more in the future.

I also picked up 1 quarter that is 90% silver and 1 dime.

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Very nice! I've had my eye on the 1 oz incuse Indians for a while now!

Love golden state mint, and I have a few of them. But for the amount you got, they are not going to get you to be a long term customer!

Provident has a deal today if you need more! (Warning, when they do this, metals always seem to dump a bit )

So I paid $35.5 for this bad boy. You think I got ripped?

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My mistake, they make the one ounce size and thought it was the one ouncer.... for two oz you did just fine.

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Yeah. I was confused for a bit. I got the 2 oz pulse a silver dime and a 90% quarter for $40.

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Good! That is the way to slowly increase the stack.

You just struck my Funny Bone... You mentioned a way to "Slowly" increase his Stack...

I've been offering a way for People to "Quickly" increase their Stack... Oh Boy...

June 25, 2019...

Great pickup, my friend @dkid14! When I do get to visit a LCS, I enjoy it tremendously. Nothing beats seeing the gold and silver, versus just via a computer screen. Unfortunately, I seldom go to LCS. Stack on!

I was walking down the Cobblestone Streets of Prague, in the Czech Republic, when I spotted a 1913 U.S. Five Dollar Gold Indian Coin in the Window... It looked just like your Silver Round, but it was much Smaller... Anyway, they told me it Cost $182.00 in my Federal Reserve Note Dollars... I bought it... The Gold Coin I bought that day is now Worth about $65,000 in Federal Reserve Note Dollars... Get ready for a Major Monetary Event, and have a Great 4th of July...
June 25, 2019...

Looks good! I wonder whether there is a LCS in my town (or region)...

Go find it!!

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Great pick up. I saw one of those rounds not too long ago, after about a week or so I went back to the LCS to buy it but it was gone. :(

I’m happy with it.

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