Great deal on some silver bullion for you noobs out there.

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I have been buying some silver over the last little bit. This is the best deal I have seen. You can only get 10 oz @ spot but still very worth it.

If you were looking for silver this is a good deal. I usually pay $1 to $3 over spot.

I think this will only work if you are in the US. I am not sure about that.

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I actually used 3 different addresses a couple of years ago to add 30 Ounces to the Stack...........

Starter packs are available from a couple of online dealers. It is the best way to start your stack, and will help in keep average cost down. Have you ordered them? Provident has a starter pack too... the prospector r ounds is usually what they offer. Stack on!

Sweet. I’ll order from them as well thanks.

Unfortunately only for the USA... I'm stuck paying for overpriced silver + an additional 20%Tax on top. Its expensive being a stacker in the UK

I’m glad I found this. If they would let me do another i would hook you up.

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That is why, one day, I will have an US address.
I am thinking about getting one in Niagara Falls because one of my daughters live in Toronto.

Yeah we need to get you an address here.

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