@dkid14, Do you still stack silver??

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I added about 35 oz this last month. Ive just been too busy to post about it.

I did want to share what I got my dad for Father’s Day though. Super excited for him to open this one.

Check this out.



Why a cowboy hat?

My dad is no where near a cowboy. I cannot even get him on a horse anymore I don’t think. My grandpa loved horses and had over 100 Arabians at one point. He taught me how to ride. My parents have a room dedicated to my grandpa with some awesome pictures of him and some Of his gear and hats down there. This silver is going to be awesome on a shelf down there.

Hope everyone out in SSG is still stacking. Big raffle coming up. Super excited about that.

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Not much lately, I have to pony up a huge wad of cash to pay my property taxes and pay off a huge Vet bill before I can Stack anything, its a depressing feeling. But I remember when I started Stacking in the YouTube community and my first Giveaway win is a High Relief Perth Year of the Horse 1 oz coin. Was so stoked, "Giddy up Shadow and hooves off the keyboard please!"

You're going to be very happy when Silver reaches "Fair Market Value"...
June 9, 2019...

Great piece for your da man — right on! And a fine tribute in Grandpa’s room too 😁👍


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that's a really cool ingot! I've been a silver stacker for quite awhile and I've noticed the past few years have been producing some very awesome bars. nice to have something a little different than the usual coin or bar,
although the last few years I have been stacking with a mind to lowest possible over spot price that I can find which is usually generic bars.

Yeah they just keep getting cooler. I try not to buy the high priced ones too often.

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@dkids14 - Congrats on adding to your stack. I have not added to my collections since the beginning of the year. The cowboy hat is a unique piece.

You mine any more pal yet. Finally got my first 2.

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Glad you got your first 2. I still only have 2. Hoping for some information soon about how often we can expect new PAL.

@dkid14 - just picked up 4 today.

Dang. That’s awesome. Still at 2 here.

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That is super cool! MK Barz makes some great silver. ☺️

Wish he were in steem.

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!sbi status


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Dang. I need to get back to 1000 units. Hopefully by the end of the year!

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I never seen anything like that before lol. But yup I continue to stack my silver and gold. I find that silver often climbs higher then gold percentage wise when there is a bull run on bullion

I’m hopping for a bull run on bullion soon!

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