#MarketFriday by @dswigle: Irene Good Mood Market

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#MarketFriday by @dswigle: Irene Good Mood Market

This is my submission for #MarketFriday as hosted by @dswigle, why don't you head over and submit your own post??

Last week on Thursday, it was the Irene Good Mood Market, which is essentially a food market, but they also sell some health drinks like Kombucha tea, Beer and wine!! LOL
The market is held on the outside area of the Irene Village Mall, where there is enough space for a nice number of stalls and some seating space!!
We arrived early in the afternoon, directly after work, and I think there was a decent number of people, taking into account that it was still early and on a Thursday!!
There really was a good selection of food to buy, and we decided to buy our food from the King Arabic Sandwich stall.
We did however not order a sandwich, but ordered this nice and very delicious wrap!! You could choose various fillings, but I asked the guy to make it as he would eat it, and this was the result. I really loved it.
Below you can see my wife and I enjoying our food.
Our seat was right on the edge of the sitting area, which was quite busy, I think later on in the evening it would become difficult to find an open seat!!
There also was a musician keeping us entertained, during our meal!!
We also bought some Kombucha Tea, which is a fermented health tea, to drink with our meal and some to take home.

We really enjoyed this market and will attend it again, when the opportunity presents itself.

I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The photos were taken by me, in Pretoria, South Africa, using my Samsung Phone.

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This looks like a fun place, @rynow. The wrap looks amazing!

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Yes, we enjoyed the market and the food was great.
Thank you so much for the nice comment.


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Thank you.

Happy meal and very nice place! Loved this post!🎈😀

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Thank you so much.

really enjoyed this place and the post so much fun :)

Thank you very much, I really enjoyed the market.

Beautiful post, @rynow. It looks like a wonderful market, with a lot of different foods to try. I would have a hard time selecting one. I saw one called Mythos that I'm sure has some nice Green food. The King Arabic wrap sandwich looks fantastic! I keep meaning to participate in Market Friday. It is winter here and there are only indoor markets now. I will have to find a good one to share!

Yes, this market was great!! Mythos, is a permanent restaurant at the mall, and serves great food.
Thank you so much for your comment.

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I cannot believe that I had an unexpected trip out of town and just got home tonight. There were several #MarketFriday posts that, although I read all of them, I didn’t have a chance to respond properly. I upvoted, resteemed, read them all and hopefully gave you a tip.
For this, my sincere apologies. They are all so brilliantly written and I appreciate every single one. Even better, the readers are starting to peruse each other’s and that is the whole intent. So please, do not think I didn’t take the time for you. I love all of them and I cannot tell you how loved I feel every time I receive another one.
I could finish writing them, but, will fall even further behind. So, I apologize once more and trust me, I love that you put so much time and effort into each and every one of them! Thank you and just know I love you!
#MarketFriday loves you!

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