In the center of me - Poem

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“All men must strive to understand, before they die, what and where they run from, and why they do it”.

James Thurber


In the center of me

I've searched the dark road,
where only one silhouette is glimpsed,
tying the silence with my echoes,
running away from the entrance to oneself,
Without understanding that he was already in the center.

Believing it wasn't myself,
I have swum to another shore and, although we meet each other,
We are not hidden in a rain of regrets.
that conceals the misrepresented vision,
for silly thoughts.

I have heard the beats of love.
challenging and my hands flew
Like strange butterflies of the night.
Waiting for the warm and friendly touch.
that separates the shadows with a single blink.

I've wandered through mazes in search of pure love,
spiraling away from its sphere.
I've slept in the center of myself
where many voices increase winds,
Creating storms and mirages.

I woke up naked, with looks.
hanging from my shadows and I saw how my feet
They were moving away from this world, runes carved in my plants,
They separated me with a force outside the senses.
Following between dreams another route.

The needle on the watch marks the step
That rushes me in a vacuum.
The Nothing awaits me on a curved road,
an interval with infinity where a flutter is a guide,
That saves me from staying in the gloom.


By Zeleira Cordero @zeleiracordero.


The images are from Pixabay CC0 Creative Commons

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