Taipei City, Taiwan

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CameraLensApertureISOShutter S.Focal L.
Nikon D7000Nikkor 18-105mm 3.5F221001/100 sec18mm

Good day guys!

"Today I share a image from my long time stay in Taiwan. The location was in Taipei City. There is a view point called "elephant mountain" just 1 station away form the Taipei 101 Tower (worlds 7th largest tower) which gives you an incredible view around the city and especially on the stacked noodle boxes (tower :D ). Living in this beautiful city for almost 7 months brings always good memories back. I really want to return one day."

  • The motive was the city view of Taipei
  • The time when I took this picture was in the afternoon
  • There were no camera filters used for this shot


Hope you all have a great day!

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TaiwanMarchMarch 2015

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These reminds me of the postcard I got from @livinguktaiwan. Really love the city! :)

Ha! :D - Indeed, the city and the whole country are really amazing. Very own unique charm :))


Thanks :))

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