Hua Lamphong, Thailand [B&W]

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CameraLensApertureISOShutter S.Focal L.
Nikon D750Tamron 24-70mm 2.8F2.816001/50 sec70mm

Good day guys!

"Today I share a image from my previous trip to Bangkok in February 2020. The location was at the Hua Lamphong main station in central Bangkok. Unfortunate this magical place will close in less than 2 years and the new main station will open it doors. I highly doubt that anyone will be able to walk around inside of the station without a ticket and also, the charm and vibes will be totally different compared to Thailand's oldest train station. "

  • The motive was a guy waiting for his train to leave
  • The time when I took this picture was in evening time
  • There were no camera filters used for this shot


Hope you all have a great day!

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ThailandBangkokFebruary 2020

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Nice one with lively atmosphere!

You really live there sometimes!?! LoL

See you at the station!

Hahaha :D Thanks man! Well I do spend quite some time there whenever I'm around :D

See you at the station, ha! :D

Yup. If I see someone with big camera and long lens taking photos around the platform, I would know it's you!!

Ha! Most definitely :D

But you’ll think I was going to sell you something and walk away!! LoL

Nice shot! :)

Thank you! :))