Bangkok - [On my way to Steemfest #Beersaturday]

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CameraLensApertureISOShutter S.Focal L.
Nikon D750Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 G2F2.85001/100 sec55mm

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Good day guys!

The image you see above is from a previous trip to Bangkok in March 2019. It shows the view of the rooftop at the KingTower.
Today is finally the day where I can head to Bangkok again to meet some of the great people from this platform to have a chat and maybe a beer with :))
I was really jealous seeing all the great activities and conferences from Steemfest 4 during the week. Unfortunately my week was packed with meetings and there was no way for me taking some days off.
Anyway! Super stoked now getting to Bangkok to join the #Beersaturday tonight :))

ThailandBangkokMarch 2019

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Mein Beitrag 2.png

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Thanks buddy! :D

Pleasure mine! Say hi to everybody and have a !BEER

Hey @worldcapture, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixelfan for you. Enjoy it!

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Cheers :))

Welcome to Bangkok!


Thanks buddy!! Appreciate it :))

Beautiful sky view

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Indeed! :))


Thank you so much for your generosity and help, @worldcapture. What a pleasant shock I just got. Please enjoy the beer for me and be sure to have some Chang over ice to be authentically Thai. I will be recovering still from everything I have done so far :)

I hope you will be on the closing cruise tomorrow night. I will give you my wrist band and help smuggle you in!

Most welcome, Sharon. I just have massive respect for the path of life you choose. Keep your hard work going!

Oh and I absolutely will enjoy some beers tonight :)). Unfortunately I have to leave tomorrow morning already - Work on Monday.

Wish you an fantastic day! :))

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Nice to see that you made it for the Saturday night beers unfortunately i didn't get back to Bangkok till Sunday night and missed it all due to work but i have been reading some reviews and looks like it really was a fun time for everyone 🙂

Yay! It was great fun :D Let's catch up another time for a few pints! Cheers :D

That would be great let me know when you in Bangkok next be nice to catch up for a beer and a walk around ....Cheers 👍