DIY: Restoration Man project: Wood shed

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Hello dear Steemians,


Today we can say that our little project in garden is accomplished and we are ready for winter. Actually when we moved in the previous owner proudly showed us his wood shed, but unfortunately he piled up everything in it, not only wood for fireplace but also a lot of old and painted wood from broken furniture, some garden tree branches. When my hubby @myskye saw it he almost had a stress. The roof was already rotten but was still not fallen apart. This spring one side gave away and it came to a hole, with leaking water.







Since summer we ordered a skip and first of all throw out everything that was in shed. While checking the rest of wood poles, few of them were also rotten so my hubby decided to built up everything from scratch, bought new wood poles, painted with weatherproof wood paint, span the mesh in the back so that wood is not fallen into the gap between the stonewall and the shed.







There are already some of the wood piled up there from the tree that we cut down couple of years ago and now we can store them in dry and good ventilated place.





Finally today he finished and I am very glad to see how tidy and nice it is looking, hopefully at least for next 10 years.




There are still much to do in this old house and I will post on and off some of our developments.


Hope you enjoy it.





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The deadline for submission is 19 November 2019, 12 PM Central European Time (CET) and winners were announced on 21 November 2019.






@stef1 and @myskye



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It looks neat now, you have a very spacious backyard, I just dream of having a spacious and clean backyard too. @stef1
Do you still use wood for heating your house? :D

Thank you @cryptopie, you are right it is a huge garden and in summer there is a lot of light, we do not have high trees around. There is a wood burner in dining room that we used, in other rooms there are old previous fireplaces that the previous owners replaced with gas one and we want to go back to old style wood burner. So a lot of work :)

Dear Stef, you and Myskye did an amazing work:) i am sure you are ready to survive the hardest winter:)

Yes, agree with you,slowly but surely it will come up how we want. To tel the truth there are a lot of things my hubby learnt from Youtube videos too :)

We all learn from youtube now:) How to fix our car or change our baby's diapers, everything is there and with a lot of options,lol

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당신 남편의 솜씨 매번 감동해요

Thank you Veronica for the good words. He is very strict and accurate and likes to do everything himself.

(google-translator) 좋은 말을 베로니카에게 감사합니다. 그는 매우 엄격하고 정확하며 모든 것을 스스로 좋아합니다.