Cornerstones in Mireuksa Temple, Iksan City

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One thing caught my eyes was that the stones were placed in the corner of the temple ground. It looks like there was nothing special on the open field of the temple.


When I began to take a tour for the relics of Korean history and culture, I did know almost nothing on the relics. But the experience made me understand the meaning of the relics. So where my colleague complained about a boring time in the open wild place, I could feel the enthusiastic emotions sometimes.

In this visit on Mireuksa temple place, I found out the special appearance of the cornerstone. It was the first time for me to see the underground part of the cornerstone.

In many cases, I could see the head of the cornerstones as below

P8230051.JPG P8230023.JPG P8230024.JPG P8230027.JPG

But in the center of the open place, there was a place I could see the whole cornerstones. It was similar to the glacier. There was a hidden part of the cornerstones in this temple, unlike other cases.

P8230019.JPG P8230050.JPG P8230020.JPG

I didn't see that kind of cornerstones in the Capital of Shilla Dynasty, Gyeongju.

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A lot of cornerstones! Sometimes this place had a complex of temple buildings as well! Nice photography and description!


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amazing place and thing you shared from there so nice

good post, kind of people post, nice to meet you

You sure do know a lot about their history. We are all learning a bit from your sharing of it.

Having the ancient architecture, the people knew a lot about the foundation of the buildings and stability, it was clever to use cornerstones to make sure that the building will not sink in the ground with the time, when the soft soil gives away then the whole building would be destroyed. The stones are massive and well polished even in old time, that must be hard and time consuming work :)

Wow!! Breathtaking sights. I know these cornerstones may appear boring to some non-history-inclined folks but for someone like me that loves history, I found them astonishing.
I appreciate the fact that you take time to share amazing history with us. Keep it up @slowwalker buddy

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