Boddhisattva of Compassion in Wontong-Jeon of Chiljangsa, Anseong City

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After looking around the Wontong-jeon dedicated to Boddhisattva of Compassion, I entered into the building.

There was a sculpture of Boddhisattva of Compassion. The sculpture made me confused. Usually, Boddhisattvas used to be expressed as a female for expressing compassion. But this Boddhisattva was not a female, it was a man.

What attracted me in this hall was the paintings hung on the wall. It was common there were some paintings on the wall inside the hall.

But it was not easy to photograph the paintings, there were always people praying in front of the paintings. When I was in the hall, there was nobody. So I could take the photos without any disturbance.

It is said that there was specific religious meaning in each painting, unfortunately, I don't know the meaning. I need more study on those paintings.

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How the fruck You keep finding this awesome places ehehe ;)

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Cultivating a mind of enlightenment is a lifelong task, and it becomes apparent that there is such a sophisticated philosophical consideration. Am I up to task on this?

There is none of the extraordinary jewelry that is usually worn and every other one that I viewed was female, so that is a little bit confusing that they would break tradition and depict a male. I will be interested to see what you find out as I know nothing on the paintings.

Well I know that the colors are very significant, I don't know the meaning. There is so much to learn! As always I wish you a most wonderful day!


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The Buddha Statue and the first painting is giving a very calm and soothing feeling, the second painting somehow does not give that same feeling. I am sure they all have deep meanings to them.

You were lucky that there was no one and you were able to make a photo. Looking at paintings what I like most is that the people on painting are all in action, some of them chatting to each other, some smiling. Like sometimes you can catch such moment on photo. I like it, looks very natural :)

What a great place.

Impressive pictures in from there so cool to see that :D

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