5th Story Stone Pagoda in the Ruined Palace of Baekje Dynasty

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The one of the most important reason why I dropped by Iksan city was to look around the ruined palace of Baekje dynasty.

There was not a trace of the perished kingdom but a lonely pagoda standing on the open field ruined palace.

The pines and the pagoda were very nice, so I photographed

P8230075.JPG P8230055.JPG

This palace was said to be built by the last second king of Baekje dynasaty. Nobody could expect Baekje kingdom collapsed so easily.

The king who built this palace was the one of the best kings in Baekje dynasty.

I introduced his tomb in several months ago in Steemit.

At that time, Baekje had had very close relationship with Japan. It is believed that Royal family of Japan was strongly influenced by Baekje Royal family.

After the collapse of Baekje dynasty, many high officials and nobles flew to Japan. The irony of History was that main figures in Japanese history who did bad things to Korea was the descendants of those refugees from Baekje dynasty.

Even the current prime minster of Japan was also believed that his ascendants were flew from Baekje dynasty.

The desolate ruined palace seems to tell that nothing is permanent under the sun.


I photographed the pagoda in detail to compare with other pagodas.

This pagoda seemed to be built between the very last of Baekje and the early period of the Unified Shilla dynasty.

P8230063.JPG P8230066.JPG P8230067.JPG

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Those pictures of yours are always quite good, i certainly understand why people would follow your account for the decent content.

That being said, the daily level of rewards on your posts is certainly excessive and in many ways this looks like vote farming to me.

I've flagged this in disagreement with the rewards.

like you said, the pagoda and the pine tree made a fantastic view there! Definitely an unforgettable moment and amazing photography!


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I like the ruined palace.

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The Pagoda and the pine tree where nicely taken....

Beautiful with the tree. Resteemed :-)

I really like that top shot with the pines. They have a nice shape - almost like bonsai.

Very true about nothing is permanent. Perhaps that is the deep lesson of history.

interesting clicks and details from there once again so nice to view this

Thank you for the pics!

The desolate ruined palace seems to tell that nothing is permanent under the sun.

So it is - well said. Regards Kadna

The pine and the pagoda make such harmony here. The first shot has such a peaceful feeling. Nicely photographed with them in silhouette.

Interesting landscape with the rolling of the land.

Nice detail work on the pagoda! Perfect for a good comparison. Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend!


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Ruined Palace of Baekje Dynasty is really said people sometimes destroy something completely because they did not like something therefore just to delete memories and everything that may remind them those moments.
Pagoda is big and strong like the pine trees. Beautiful picture :)

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