Nevigate Vietnam’s remote North by motorbike

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Vietnam's remote North is so great, absolutely stunning scenery and tourists are still few. I think I've shared some photos while travelling there, you must already heard some of my travel stories in Ha Giang, this post is a more detailed report on my motorbike loop trip in Ha Giang province. It was such an enjoyable trip despite me getting food poisoning there.

To get to Ha Giang, you'll have to take a normal sleeping bus or VIP bus, it takes 5-7 hours, depends.

I didn't have an international license, but it didn't seem to be a problem, I still gotta rent my motorbike. I've never really ridden a motorbike before but they taught me in 30 minutes. I can't quite remember how much it is to rent a motorbike but it wasn't so much, around 10 euro per day or maybe even less. I stayed with Jasmine hostel in Ha Giang, they rent motorbikes too, but no scooter. You can stay with a homestay in Ha Giang and there are quite a few other rental places as well. The hostel is good, they organises group meals (I couldn't eat those days too bad), there's only beds, no private rooms though.


The whole loop looks like this.

The loop I did was a smaller loop that hostel recommended us to do, they said people along the way were more friendly than the big loop. I don't if it's true, I did meet some travellers along the way who were doing big loop, so it's possible too.

I think the google map was more useful, GPS works well, but make sure you check the way frequently, I was almost going the wrong once or twice.

Hostels gave me all info's, marked map, recommended hotels/ homestays to stay and reminded to fully fuel in every town.

Road in general was not so difficult to ride, even for a first-timer like me., maybe except for once where the road was under construction, but locals were helpful enough to get me out of trouble haha.


Motorbike near the hotel the second night I stayed, normally to finish the loop, you could do it within 3 day (3D2N), I made it 4 because I was sick and wanted to ride the motorbike slowly enough.

Hotels on the way are quite cheap, for 10ish euro you get a big room.

There was a night market but too bad I couldn't eat much.

bridge and temple along the way


Tasty fried rice in Ha Giang city and meal along the way. As I mentioned, I got a very hard food poisoning, otherwise the trip could have been more fun.

Some more food along the way, tourism isn't developed at all in that region, for me it's not bad this way. At least you still find one of two family restaurants serving meal menu in each small town along the way. In fact I was eating most of times mangoes and papayas, as I was really too sick to eat.

Scenery along the way

Here are some more pictures from the motorbike loop in Ha Giang. It's just difficult to find someone take a good picture and I was lazy to set up tripod and take selfies, plus I was sick, got a food poisoning on the first day of the loop, I wasn't in a good condition.

the way

landscape along the way

It was a great trip!

kids along the way

sunset pano view

Du Gia village

3rd night, I stayed in Du Gia, where I came across the local market, it was cool.

The breathtaking Ma Pi Leng Pass

If you follow the loop, the third day is the most scenic route you'll pass, along the breathtaking Ma Pi Leng Pass.

zigzag road

💚 分享在越南北部河江省骑摩托车的旅行,当时虽然食物中毒几天,但是还是觉得景色太美了!


On my way back Ha Giang, I rode past some idyllic villages along the way, where both kids and locals came wave hello to me, so nice!


That is actually very cool motobike voyage.
Very authentic and original

Thanks! Vietnam is so beautiful!

My to visit list for sure.

Wow the view is so nice! btw, your dress look beautiful

Thanks Joanne ^^ brave ...

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Thank youuuuu!

Fun! Fun!! Fun!!!

sure it was :)

I have not been to northern Vietnam much but I’m glad you got a chance to go do this. Vietnam is beautiful! The beaches down south are beautiful too. You had a real experience taking that motorbike everywhere. I’m too lazy to do that 😂

Thanks!! Which beach exactly? Have you been to islands like Nam Du?

Had to google it. I’ve been to a neighboring island called Phu Quoc bear the island. I had no idea there would be so much people there. Will you be sharing Nam Du photos?

I dunno if I’m going, phu quoc seems nice too! If i’m going for sure I’ll share a lot of pictures!

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The island you mentioned seems like a place I haven’t heard of.could be more under the radar! Just stay safe and try to blend in :)

Have a safe ride always, a beautiful place.

I survived! aha

Beautiful views :)

Yea, isn't it!

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Is that near Sapa? You know, they say Sapa is a place above Hanoi with mountains with snow on top. This place does remind me of places like Dalat City which is near Saigon. If this is not near Sapa, perhaps it is closer to Dien Ben Phu which should be in the northwest corner of Hanoi, that is towards Laos and near China.

Yea near Sapa indeed

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That means I know my geography. I was only guessing haha.

A most excellent journey!

Thanks Randy, Vietnam is super nice!

I can image! We need to cross the border sometime from Guangxi.

That would be would be nice! It was really close to the border!

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Gone do the loop in November. Looking forward to it!

Nice, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I loved it sooooo much. (becareful what you eat there tho haha)

I love Vietnam and was lucky enough to work there for a year in 1998-9. Based in HCMCity but got the chance to see outside into the countryside. I feel so at home in that place.

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