Creepy 3D Halloween Minicard (collin box shape) - easy handmade DIY how to|100% reused materials

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It's nearly halloween and i had an idea to make a minicard. And now i would like to share to you how i made this creepy halloween minicard. All of the materials i use in this project are totally reused materials.

First, you need to prepare the materials and things needed:

  • unused paper and cardboard (for pattern of the collin box i uses the unused thin cardboard, for the collin box i used the white color with a pattern on the other side, for the skeletone i used the white paper, for the spider body i used the thick black paper, the feet with black paper). I used also some color such as purple, pink for the little card on front and inside, i also need a little white paper to write the halloween greeting, light orange, orange, white paper
  • a mechanic pencil with sharp point
  • a drawing pen
  • a black marker
  • a correction pen (tip ex)
  • sponge
  • multipurpose glue
  • cutter pen
  • scissors
  • eraser

How to make it:

First make the pattern for the collin box by using unused thin cardboard with the size like on the picture. The x sign needed to be cut off while the ///// would be the glue area. The collin box had 2 main area, the box and its' up cover.

Copy the pattern on the white cardboard then cut them off. Use the sharp point of the mechanic pencil to make it easier to fold the glue parts.

Now prepare the skeletone inside the box. Use the pencil to draw the collin box on a piece of white paper (i used the sleek texture one) then draw the skeletone below. Use the black marker to bold it. Cut the skeletone off, for inside ribs use the cutter pen to cut off.

Cut the thin sponge, glue it on the back of the skeletone then paste it inside the collin box. Write happy halloween on the pink paper and glue to the back part of the skeletone's hands.

For the top of the collin box. First write 'open if you dare' on a piece of white paper with black marker (small). Then paste it on the pink paper then cut it larger than the white paper.

Draw the spider's web with pencil then bold it with drawing pen. Cut some sponge then paste it behind the 'open of you dare' paper then paste it behind the spider web like on the picture below.

Then draw the jack o lantern on light orange paper with pencil then draw the eyes and mouth also, bold it with the drawing pen. After finished, cut the orange paper on the eyes and mouth. Cut off the green paper for the branch of it. Then paste all below 'open if you dare'.

The last part is the spider. First cut the spiders' legs with black sleek paper and the body with the black cardboard. Draw the legs like the eye brows and the body like the 8 number. For the eyes use the tip ex or correction pen (white). Paste the sponge behind the spider's body then paste all the legs and body of spider near the web like below.

Put some glue to the glue areas then paste the glue area and other parts. Also paste the top to the bottom with the glue.

Here it was

Creepy 3D halloween minicard was ready to use.

You could also try to make it too.

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Hey :)

That's a fantastic tutorial lol. Have you ever considered doing video tutorials about your drawing and crafting? 🤔

Also, I see that you are using Partiko. Try out @esteem. This is working much better on the phone, and you can get a desktop app as well. 😊

thanks mel. actually i dunno how to make it on a video 🤣but next time i will try it, thanks again. i have both apps mel, partiko and also esteem

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Hats off to your effort and hard work, really liked the end result.

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thank you very much @appreciator

Cool idea and well written tutorial. Thanks for including the measurements too! It makes the work much easier for me in case I want to try.

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thanks yashny. it was fun, you should try to make it too

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Please. Which browser are you using with so many tags ? Please. I need some tutorials. Lol. Thanks.

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haha i use partiko

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