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The 2nd platform launched from the Hunt Team, we have been waiting for a long period of time just to have this idea, and we are so luckly to be one of the early adopters of the SteemHunt and the ReviewHunt platform.

TL:DR - ReviewHunt is basically the makers would buy HuntTokens and launch their own campaign based from their own budget, in which makers could also make some quests and let them try the app to the Hunters and Reviewers. After performing, promoting, and making noise about their product/app/tech lets say "making a BUZZ" users will be rewarded based from their engagement rate, and that is the average post earning or the estimated potential reach of audience based from the developers algorithm.

Dont forget the Motto of the main website!! Review Cool Products, Earn Rewards!


Personally, I already have problems for making my own content via my Youtube channel without getting any subscribers and any views - and my content should be about travel and photography shots() , and I could not even make money out of it. Regardless from Wedding Photography and to the Clients who would prefer that the video we shot during that time preffered to be used and uploaded it privately or themeselves.

In terms of earning rewards/money from creating videos, why not Join reviewhunt and see what happens right? What is the purpose of Social Media, when social media enables us to create, and connect to our audiences. That means our opinion and our data is valuable just like any other surveys existed - (I was a market researcher).

I think the point here is, dont just settle to be a consumer of the product, if you are a geeky/techy person, or a person that has a mass communication skills. This is an opportunity to everyone around who wants to start to be one of those product influencers existed in the social media. I may not be good in speaking English, but I know that this a very great Idea.

Do Quests!!


This is pretty simple, just a screenshot from your dashboard with the name of the top.



The second was also pretty simple, if you dont know how to follow simple rules. You are very screwed to finish this Quest.



It is challenging, but we managed to finish the Mosaeek because it was plain, easy and simple.


How to Join?! and Where to Contact the other Hunters!

  • Use my refferal link, give me a little credit for letting you know about this :P click here take note: I only earn 5% from your earnings without any deductions.
  • Join them at Discord Server
  • Join them at Telegram
  • They are also OpenSource see GitHub if you have any ideas about improving the Web Design or the System itself
  • Follow Their blog @steemhunt
  • Follow Their Twitter Page
  • Follow Their Reddit Account
  • Check out SteemHunt
  • Read more about the development and the roadmap of the Hunt Platform

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