BUZZi Kids - Is not just an App for Young Parents!

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What is BUZZi?

To be Specific, let us construct a review article for BUZZi Kids in this section. Since they already launched the BUZZi Kids app not the other missing features, this app is not just only for Parents maybe for the meantime this will be an app for Parents who wants to review products/services for their kids, or for a Nanny/Baby sitter.

BUZZi is a reward based UGC to commerce platform allowing creators to share their product experiences and consumers to purchase products through UGC from the sites they normally would purchase from.

TL;DR - BUZZi is not just reviewing products just for kids, but also in TECH, FASHION, BEAUTY, HOME & LIVING.

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Blogging while Reviewing?

You read it right, anyways what is the purpose of creating content without promoting a product right? It would be much more un-interesting. TV-SHOWS has something to do with their sponsorship program. I guess every product is counted as long as you bought something or it is with you and you have been using the specific product you posted.

Fortunate, that there are a thousands of products waiting to be reviewed especially products from online shops. Which means it would be more honest, diverse, trusted and detailed. (Of course, that is what I see for the future of this platform) Which means Ill be watching and investing my time on this app just like what I did from SteemHunt for over a year now.

Potentially we (users) might review every product we already used, because we knew the product and it might be awesome to review and post about it based from our own experiences.

Review Products, Curate, be a Shopper and Get Commission and Rewards!

BUZZi has their own Posting Guidelines, same as to posting using the SteemHunt webapp built on top of the Steem blockchain. While reviewing products, of course our information and opinion is valuable, thats why every reviewer would get rewards from reviewing a specific product.

Im guessing there would be a collaboration between ReviewHunt and BUZZi? Thats another question outside from this article.

You may also read more about their posting guidelines here, products for KIDS

Be a Beta Tester!

Its the begginning phase of BUZZi platform, so they really needed BETA-TESTERS to test their own app, which means the app will strongly develop in the coming months and expect more surprising bounties and events.

Sign up as a BETA TESTER!

Ratings and Conclusion

I had to rate them 4/5 from their Google App, because there are instances that the app will freeze and automatically it crashes. I didnt also have time to look up the logs since I dont have any info about the behind the scenes of this app, and also no discord server to Join.

If building a community is a must, there must be a channel where users may interact with the developers/co-founders of this app, creating telegram/discord channels might be a great idea.

I know the APP sucks, but the idea is really awesome, in fact id like to stay more and contribute to this platform. - To the BUZZi team, You guys need a Discord Server or a group messenger so we might be able to join and ask a few more questions. I know there is still more out of it. :P , and its also very interesting.

Join the Quest!

Q1 and Q2 was pretty simple and straightforward, while the Bonus task was difficult to achieve, its good knowing that it is okay to skip the quest to create an article about this app.

Q1 - Completing Profile using BUZZi App

Q2 - Make your First Post!


Q3 - (BONUS) Be at the TOP!

Bonus Quest was Skipped due to Inconvenience use of the App

Q4 - Write a Review!


About the BUZZi team, Contact them and Follow them Here!

Here is a Youtube Video!

To be Uploaded


Woaaaaaaah this one's pretty amazing! Perfect kaayo ni for online shoppers ba

I so agree with you mamding, Buzzi is for consumers mainly murag ingana.

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