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RE: Bozzlife: Refusing to yield

in #steempeaklast year

So crazy.

Sending liquid steem permanently to sbi to have it locked into the blockchain and help a small account in perpetuity is such a great concept. Throwing a tantrum because some plankton makes .02$ a day and that is what ultimately keeps them here and growing is nuts.

I try and ignore the flaming bags of crap In the form of unjustified downvotes tossed near my house. They are not a public service and good people like you will end up running them into obscurity or off the platform.

Let’s just keep doing what we do and let it be a funny memory when it has run it’s course.

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Yeah, it is pretty sad. I guess at this point if they are spending their downvotes on me they can't use them on someone else who is smaller, so that is a good thing.


It is more of a right of passage. I am a small small fish but happy that I can take shots like those f it means it doesn't fall on a smaller person who may be knocked out.

We will support eachother, it will strengthen the real bonds that make this blockchain special, and it will run its course while we prevail.