Compromised Eth Wallet With GU Cards and Eth Inside

in #steempeak2 years ago

Greetings Steemians,

We all like a good bit of fun right?

I sure do. This idea came to me, to make an eth wallet, load it up with some Eth and goodies, then compromise it right here..

I've added 0.006 Eth to the wallet (About $1.00 USD) but that isn't interesting enough... I decided to put 7 Genesis Gods Unchained cards in this wallet. Check on opensea:

You can also check on Etherscan to verify there is a little bit of Eth in the wallet:

What makes this particularly interesting, is the wallet will need to be imported, and the cards transferred. (It can be done in one batch if you know how..) but if someone gets greedy and drains the Eth, not leaving enough to cover the transfer gas fee, they are basically locked in the wallet. (unless someone is brave enough to put eth in it..)

I'm guessing no one will do that, but you never know, so if you are a Gods Unchained player, and want these free cards, you better hurry...

Enough talk, let's compromise this wallet!


Private key


Public key


Seed phrase

style badge rug circle explain army cinnamon first globe faculty aim twice

Have fun


25% of the rewards for this post will be set as beneficiary to @teamocd, 25% will also go to @three4australia to help with the Australia 3speak disaster relief fund.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day!

Much love,

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So what happened???

Whoever this person is 👇
Got all the cards and renamed the account to "claim it" on opensea! lol

It was a success and a great bit of fun. I will definitely be doing this again! Thanks for stopping by and supporting my friend :)

heheheh it still works....

Hahaha yeah, and the gifs keep getting better and better!


It'll be interesting to see what comes of this.

Popcorn ready .....
!gif popcorn

You watching the UFC fights tonight?

Ohhh I love UFC!!! Who's fighting!?

Yes, I think this will be a little exciting :)

I might even do it again!

I think the popcorn command works just by using the word popcorn.

Conor vs Cowboy is the UFC main event.

Oh man.. I thought Conor was done for. Cowboy is pretty serious. This should be interesting. I'll see if I can find it. I've not seen Cerrone fight in some time, but if Conor is not focused it could be really bad for him..

Its a tough fight to call, Conor gas tank isn't the best but he's a fast starter. On the other hand Cerrone has a great gas tank but is a slow starter.

Message me on discord if you can't find a way to watch it.

such a weird popcorn gif

Weird: Yes
Awesome: Hell YES!

!gif awesome


This was a clever post. I don't play that game, but are those cards valuable? If it's just an exercise, then it's still a cool little puzzle (albeit with the answer key).

Thanks bro,
These particular cards are not worth much, but yes it's a pretty popular game with some high value cards.
The idea of this is not so much a puzzle, but more a rat race to be the first to import the wallet and extract the contents.
I will probably do this again, it was fun.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are doing well my man!

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