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Good afternoon everyone!

First of all, I would like to say thank you @cindyhartz for this amazing initiative. My heart beats fast when I see the theme about a father.

Supposed to be my father will be 49 years old this year end December 20.This is the day he was born but he already died December 27, 2004. I was 14 years old on that time. Adding to the sadness I felt, he died while my mother was not around and they had been separated.They had misunderstanding but those internal problem was in between with my parent and I never knew it. As their only child, they both cared for me. Both of their attention focused on me when it comes to father and son relation. Likewise with my mother.

My father forced my mother went abroad to solved our financial status back 1997. I was then 7 years old. I didn't knew, they have a problem to their relation and about financial. I was too young on that moment. I stayed in my Aunt most of the time while my father was working in the farm as a poultry care taker. My mother is working in Saudi Arabia until now. She never forgot her obligations to me.

My father always visited me and sometime I went to his job site. He is a good loving father to me. And I never knew what is between with my mom because my mom is not around.When I became 12 years old my Aunt and mother decided for me to stay with my dad. I was growing and already a teenager who need good guidance and only father could do it as my mother was away from me. So I stayed with my father and went to my Aunt during weekend.

The last moment with my father was the terrific day of my life I won't forget. December 20,2004, we had a simple celebration. December 25, my dad employer had a Christmas party with all his employees. I wondered my dad sang a song and made a farewell words. We never gave importance on it. We felt he was just drank and joking with the people around. I won't forget my father sadly delivering the song BOHEMIAN RAPSODY

One day after the Christmas party, we were going to sleep at night when he said to me that he had an unbearable pained on his head. He told me calling the company driver but never answered my call. I walked for 30 minutes in a dark mountain just to reach out the driver. It was almost midnight, nobody was around in the mountain. Thanks God the driver woke up when the dogs were barking at me. Then quickly, we inform our boss who was living in the other city. Whe went to the City of Davao hospital. My dad was hugging me so tight inside the car. That was the last hugged from my dad. Before reaching the hospital vicinity, I felt he released his arm wrapping my body. The tightness was gone but I thought he was just falling asleep but I was wrong. Maybe, it was the moment that he lost his breath. So sad! I wanted to screamed louder but I was speechless. Even the tears didn't come out when the doctor declared Dead on Arrival

I love my father, he gave everything for me but God love him more than me and accepted that he's gone and live eternal life in herven

This is already exceeds so I'm sorry @cindyhartz, I just can't stopped my emotion.

How I wish my father seeing my two daughters and my daughters see their grandfather but my father had gone long time ago.



SPECIAL THANKS TO @MERMAIDVAMPIRE @OTOM @PLANKTON.TOKEN AND @OLIVIA08. I never forget @cindyhartz for giving this opportunity sharing my story.



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Hmm, ikaw na gyud @olivia08 so full of emotional stories in life...that's why you are strong.

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Unsay Olivia? Wahana

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😢 very touching story , naramdmaan ko. i know andiyan lage si papa mo. naka guide sa inyo

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