What is your Steem Monsters collection worth?

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I think almost everyone here has some Steem Monsters cards. Either you bought them, they were gifted to you, or you won them in a contest. I've given away a lot of Steem Monsters packs since the game started.

After seeing @aggroed's collection, it made me wonder what everyone else has. I used to have a pretty decent collection, not anything outrageous but a few thousand cards. Most of my Steem Monsters collection are unopened packs.

How do I see how much my collection is worth?

Glad you asked!

Just go to https://peakmonsters.com and login and click on My Collection.
Peak Monsters is developed by the same guys who make @steempeak.

As you can see, I don't have any individual cards anymore. My entire collection is unopened packs right now.

Post your collection in the comment section below.

If you want, post your favorite card as well.

I haven't played Steem Monsters in a while, I have been thinking about opening some packs and giving it a go again.

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And then just the flesh golems :)

Lol the ol Flesh Golems.. Nice one ;)

Holy crap man. You were the one who was buying them up right?

Yeah, thought it'd be fun to try cornering a market. Didn't want to stop people from getting in though, so I only really stepped up Alpha efforts when they announced Beta cards would be the same.
It's been fascinating, to be honest. My playing deck has suffered, and I keep realising how expensive it's going to be to plug some of these holes; but then I just buy a few more Fleshies and the feeling goes away :)

Lol that’s awesome.

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Mine is not worth a huge amount, but it's more than I've spent on the game. I got a free starter pack at Steemfest and I've played a fair bit, but I'd need to buy better cars to progress further.

I am a novice but i enjoy and spend a litle time in the game, hope grow a lot one day.


Got to start somewhere!

Holding onto some Alpha packs would have been the right play. I’ve got about $400 worth of cards.

I sold half of mine and holding the other half. Probably should have held them all. It was almost a year that I thought I made a mistake as they had no advantage to beta packs, then it turned around.

Dec makes them very valuable.

How so? When I sold my cards, most sold on the market for more than DEC but some did have a higher DEC value.

I mean for alpha packs. The chance of getting more dec is probably a reason why people want alpha cards, and thus alpha packs.

Each Alpha card used in battle gives +10% DEC bonus.

Very happy with the current value of my collection. While it is small compared to the big players, it surpassed the $1K mark yesterday!
But we all know that the value only is value when you do sell! And most of us are not yet willing to do this :)

Not a favorite card, but I do like to play with Death!


Where are all your cards? You must have sold a lot of Alpha packs? I remember you bought thousands on the last days of Alpha edition.

I sold them over the last 3 months and focused on holding packs.

Wow yesterday this was worth about $100 less!!


This is my favorite card to use..


Man I hate meeting this monster in battle.

Rusty android - Prismatic energy. Double magic reflect will get him :)


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It is amazing how fast some cards can go up or down in value

It is amazing
How fast some cards can go up
Or down in value

                 - themarkymark

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yeah I agree! I am excited to see what happens when we get more players!!

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My account's worth is around 200 USD, I really don't collect cards I only hold the cards that I use for battles.

Mine is a mid-tier account...usually can get to Gold I by the end of the league. I have put quite a lot of fiat into it, but still currently worth more than I put in. 😁



still currently worth more than I put in

Nice! Curious if that will get even better now that you can't buy beta packs.

Hey @themarkymark, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Mine was worth 800 steem cause that’s what I sold it for! If I would have held out a month longer I probably would have tripled that! Slowly building back up though.


According to the discord it's 543$ dollars though, has lost 6$ since Sunday, and has gained 203$ dollars since 3 months ago so yeah, pretty crazy.

My favorite deck is death.

I've always liked Necromancer style of combat. I used to play necro cards in Magic as well.

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

Not that much as I didn't play! Just started and stopped! Thinking to start again.... what do you say @themarkymark



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How to find out?

I explain it in the post, but log into https://peakmonsters.com and click My Collection.

This is such a awesome post! I love talking about Splinterlands card collections, LOL! Mine is 23K but I have an alt sheplaysmonsters- just Alphas really- at $5,500! I put all my crypto in here and it is looking NICE!
You have a Steem Monsters upvote coming your way! Thanks for being here in the community!
Archmage Arius (648px, 10fps).gif

curation (912px, 10fps) (1).gif

Here is my Collection Worth

I haven't checked the worth of my cards in a long time but apparently I can buy an iPhone 11 for my Cards. hehe


Turned out to be a great investment but the best thing is that I love the game and it keeps getting better !

This is really impressive! I moved a bit of my steem over to play the game and have been buying a few packs over the last year.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 9.22.05 PM.png

You think about hanging onto to those packs and using them to buy Untamed packs eventually? If you're going to start playing again and building a deck, you might need to play a lot of catch up to get the cards you want. Seems like if you play it right, you could build a maxed out untamed deck with the scarcity of the Alpha and Beta cards.



It’s been a crazy journey. It all started with me spending 60 or so Steem over a couple of months. I wrote coupled posts and made it back. I’ve made more than that off referrals.

Over time I’ve even sold off some of my more expensive cards not wanting to miss out when Steem gets out of the bear market. Other times I just sold unwanted cards to buy what I wanted. Despite that my SM collection is almost worth more than my SP and still could surpass it again as it has in the past.

This is my favorite card. Retaliate and poison can be quite brutal. I usually play more death then fire decks these days. My deck is not anything crazy. I usually finish gold I or maybe diamond III once in a while.

Holy crap you got alot of Alpha packs, I am so jealous :D

I currently have 1 alpha pack that I am holding, and a collcetion worth . . .


and about $1000 on the second account. It could be more because I withdraw maybe $1000 at some point.

But I'm more a player than an investor, I put maybe $100 into this game, everything else I earned from tournaments, ranked battles and some trading ;-)

But I'm more a player than an investor, I put maybe $100 into this game, everything else I earned from tournaments, ranked battles and some trading

That's pretty impressive.

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