Steemmonsters: Reward Cards FOMO & 500 DEC Giveaway

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Did you know Steemmonsters' reward cards are capped? And that for some, time is running out? Time to let FOMO kick in. A little DEC giveaway to comfort you.

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This is definitely the hardest @steemmonsters season up until now.
Champion 3... it's not the place I pictured myself to be 4 days before the end of the season. Even worse... I'm really struggling not to get pushed back into Diamond 1.

The competition seems to a lot more fierce than in any of the previous seasons. This is caused by a combination of the following:

  • Booster pack FOMO kicked in and a lot of people bought packs, upgrading their decks.

  • @herons-unlimited is a big success: several players got the chance to play a higher level deck without having to invest a fortune themselves.

  • There are slightly more players (I don't know if those are unique players or alts - but that doesn't change the outcome).

  • There's some shameless cheating going on.

  • People learned new tricks, and I didn't.

(If i forgot some, please feel free to let me know in the comments)



I was happy to see I was assigned to complete my Daily Quest using the Water splinter. Ever since I maxed the Mermaid Healer, Water has replaced Earth as my favorite splinter.

I felt pretty confident... until I saw my first opponent of the day...
It's never a good sign if you have to start your day with a battle against @bji1203, lol. And it got even worse: third opponent: @jacekw. What on earth did I do wrong to deserve this?

Anyway, the good news is that I had used up all my un-luck during the first 4 battles and faced a lot of people I could beat from that point forward. In the end, it took me less time than expected to complete my DQ and open the little beauties you can see at the top of this post.

Steemmonsters DQ.jpg


Reward Cards FOMO

open the little beauties you can see at the top of this post

... I would have never thought I would ever say that about common reward cards, but after following the conversation in the Mav's House on Discord, and reading this post @foggybottom published a couple of days ago, my perception has changed.

Of course, like most of you, I knew reward cards were capped. But I had no idea we were so close to running out of some. According to @foggybottom's calculations, all Flame Imps will have been distributed in about a month from now. Hobgoblin and Mushroom Seer will be next.

I hear ya... not a real disaster. Those cards may be important, but they are not a Lord Arianthus, right?

But what if I gave you the full sentence that can be found in @foggybottom's post?

Based on these new numbers, my guess would be that Flame Imp, Hobgoblin, and Mushroom Seer run out in somewhere around 35 days (or less!!). Lord Arianthus won't be far behind.

Starting to feel the FOMO yet???



500 DEC Giveaway

A couple of days ago, I was hanging out in the Steemmonsters Discord server and a couple of us were having quite a lot of fun doing a little Steemmonsters Trivia quiz. @kryptokayden decided to spice it all up a little and started giving out some DEC for the right answers.

I won 250 DEC, and promised to pay it forward, and that's exactly what I'm going to do below.
I decided to double the amount of DEC, so you can win 500 DEC without any real effort.

When this post has reached payout, I will use a random comment picker to pick the lucky winner.

To be eligible to win the prize, you'll need to leave a valid comment.

A valid comment has 3 elements:

1 - What is your favorite REWARD card?

2 - WHY is that your favorite reward card?

3 - a tag to invite a fellow Steemmonsters player to join the giveaway.

Example answer:

My favorite reward card is Rusty Android because his magic reflect is the perfect solution against the Water splinter when no legendary cards can be used.
Inviting @simplymike to join in on the fun.

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My favourite reward monster is ROTS...
Because it makes my heart shaking when I saw him shows up behind the trembling card😁 ..he's really useful for the novice to silver deck when no magic reflect phoenix or haunted spirit and the Lord around. That blast ability is a helpful weapon to survive against the life bots.

Tagging @tryskele to join in

@cicisaja, I think we agreed a long time ago that it was ROS 😂
Actually, I kept saying ROTS, and you guys laughed at me and told me it was ROS.

Nevertheless, ROS or ROTS... it's an awesome card on every level.
Thanks for joining!

It Was ROS.. but someone asked where's the T😆 so then we let it be ROTS or ROS. we just can't identify SOTF or SOF for Serpent of the Flame or Spirit of the Forest😂😂.. pony and crab are easier, right😉

right!! 😉

Those abbreviations... LMAO



What's the tricks? I need to learn too :) . And what kind of cheating going on?

Haven't you checked SM general chat?
prettysnake is playing 1 (ranged) card (or ooze) against all players from Team friends. Those players use level 1 cards to win those matches ... at champions level
Check prettysnake's battle log and the teams he uses against Team Friends members. It's all there.

We addressed it in general chat yesterday, and aggy left the building when asked what could be done about it. Basically, it seems like no one gives a sh*t. Dave took it to Matt, but still waiting for a reply. Meanwhile, they just keep on going....

And those tricks... I think you'd better ask jacekw about those, lol

1 - What is your favorite REWARD card?
Lord Arianthus

2 - WHY is that your favorite reward card?
Because at level 3, it is very powerful. Redirects everything but range attacks, reduce damage in half and has good amount of health.

3 - a tag to invite a fellow Steemmonsters player to join the giveaway.

Thanks for joining, @lordwinty

My favourite reward card is the Creeping ooze, because it only costs 1 mana and it has a BIG slowness effect, that is super useful.
I pretty much always find a spot for Creeping ooze


Thanks for joining, @tsnaks. I like that pile of blubber too :0)

My favourite reward card is Ruler of the Seas because it's good from Level 1 an seems to work in lots of different situations.

I'm tagging @scrooger to join the giveaway.

Thanks for the opportunity @monstermother. This very generous of you. 😍

Half of the credit should go to @kryptokayden :0)
Thanks for joining. ROS ROCKS!

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I'll tag @cicisaja... Because she has the right to answer that question 😁 but I think @guurry123 and @ikhrahch should try this too... Sorry for spamming your post Mana monster😘

Thanks for tagging

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My fav reward card is Exploding Dwarf! Ever since I found out it's a good tank and can destroy several monsters in a row, I love it! I invite @hetty-rowan to join the fun, who is just started to get to know the game a bit better:)

Thanks for joining, @anouk.nox

I just learned about the rewards card cap and now I'm scared I might not get enough Lord Arianthus before the time runs out. He's my favorite reward card cos totally overpowered apparently...

Tagging @kintaro-oe

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I know how that feels, @handtalk5.
I have several, but I still have the feeling I'm not going to have enough. Lord A. rocks!!

Thanks for joining!

My favorite Black energy which I like to use during my DQ even considering it's high mana. But with it's possibilities it helps me even in very bad deck.
I want to tag @ axeman

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I assume you're referring to prismatic Energy? Or Phantom soldier?

Upps excuse me for wrong spelling I mean Prismatic energy.

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my favorite reward card is the wood nymph because with that and the flesh golem i can make quite a good wall of healing.
ill tag @richi0927

Thanks for joining, @dogcatcowpig!

My favorite card is Armorsmith ☺
I like to use it in weak magic (very effective), this is one of favorite from orbs.
I like to tag @harpreetjanda to join

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Sorry, @guurry123. Orbs are promo cards. Not reward cards.
Just let me know your favorite reward card ;0)

Then it's creepiny ooze because of low mama cost and can be used in almost all rule sets

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Thanks! Ooze is indeed a very useful card.

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My fav rew card is the nymph, it heals my green deck even better ;)
@tcpolymath, have you ever joined the giveaways ? ;)

This image is a luck magnet and will trick the random picking, forcing it to chose me, ahaha

lol. A+ for funny, @lebastion. Hope your magnet works :0)
Thanks for joining!

My fav reward card is wood nymph. At level 8 it attacks with 2 magic power, increase all monsters health by 1 and also heal the first card, mostly flesh golem or lord.
Tagging @akomoajong

Thank you 🍻

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Thanks for joining, @mango-juice. I wouldn't know what to do without Wood Nymph...

Ahhhh! Really, they are going to run out? I think fire imp is one of my favourite cards from the reward deck... I like the boost of speed and the magic punch is pretty nice on such a little guy! Plus fire is one of my better splinters...

I'm stuck on my life splinter quest today... Considering dumping it...

@simplymike, you really should join this contest (he he...)... Or maybe @tsnaks?

I like Flame Imp too. Combined with the Shaman and the Ooze (maybe add plado to the mix), it makes Elemental phoenix and cocatrice almost invincible :0)

Thanks for joining!

Elemental Phoenix... never had one sadly....

My favorite Reward card is Ruler of the Seas because he is incredibly powerful, especially at the lower levels. When I first started Steem Monsters, Ruler got me through a lot of games!

I guess I will tag @akomoajong !

Thanks for tag mate!

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My favourite reward card is Lord Arianthus aka Lord Anus. Always built my strategies around it in whatever league/level I'm playing. One helluva badass card that doesn't go around looking for trouble like others but can very dangerous when stepped on (especially at level 3+ in the gold league and above). A viper is literally what I call it.

Tagging @xawi to join in!

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You're a popular guy, @akomoajong... all those tags 😂

Lord Anus is one of the coolest cards around. I really need more of those before they run out.

Thanks for joining!

For me it's gotta be the Wood Nymph. Combine her with Flesh Golem, Spirit of the Forest and Earth Elemental and you make the Green Splinter practically immortal.

What do you think @minimining?

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Wood Nymph rocks!!

Thanks for joining, @sparkesy43

Believe it or not the cards we laughed at for a long time are going to become more valuable than we ever could've expected. Another believe it or not the reward cards are going to be the first massively produced card (this is not including the original kickstarter and tron giveaways, those were not massively produced like the reward cards) as the first real card extinction of consequence on steemmonsters. For a while now I have been avoiding letting any reward cards go, buying the +5 reward card potion per quest, and even buying some reward cards even now and then. This is right on @monstermother these cards are going to startle many of us how quickly they become wanted/needed by new players. When the alpha stopped every single card that was discontinued was available in beta. Not the case here.

True... scary, isn't it? Who would have ever thought it would go this fast?! I even feel bad for burning all those silly robots at one point 😂
I've turned into a hoarder too.

Of course, I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't have my doubts about how new players are ever going to be able to build a more or less competitive deck if these reward cards will be costing a fortune in a couple of months...
And maybe even more important... what are they going to do if they run out of reward cards? Another new set of cards??? Please, no.

In my dreams they go back to booster packs 😂 The Untamed edition, that is...

Ah yes, I would fully expect that, but yeah who knows? It could be anything. We could have "mutated" reward cards of all our favorite characters all over again, ahaha. If rusty was made a four manna card it would be the only magic reflect card in little league rule set btw, which actually gives a fairly reliable option to be played. Otherwise it makes good scrap metal.

Just yesterday, i was thinking the same about Rusty: Having a magic reflect card in the little league would be great