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RE: SteemMonsters: how much DEC have you earned in last season?

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I was wondering how much I made last season but never took action. So thanks for querying the data and posting this list. Very useful information.

Would also be great to see season over season stats since the release of DEC. Would be helpful to know if I am improving or not.


Yeah, I am going to do another post with DEC earned daily for a given player, probably as a chart, something like this:

I think that DEC earnings are slightly decreasing over time, because of:

  • 1% drop every month in DEC generation
  • more people playing
  • more cards used: Heron staked accounts, which takes unused cards from the owners and let play with them by players, th-xxx team that bought a lot of cards (beta packs)
  • other people paying more attention to gold/alphas bonuses

Yes, all true. I have notice DEC earnings is less now. That would skew your trend data over time.