SteemMonsters: How many double rulesets are there?


Recently, double rulesets have been introduced. They apply in ranked battles from the gold league. But how many combinations are there actually?

1Aim True+Broken Arrows889
2Aim True+Earthquake205
3Aim True+Healed Out575
4Aim True+Keep Your Distance424
5Aim True+Little League445
6Aim True+Lost Legendaries442
7Aim True+Melee Mayhem426
8Aim True+Reverse Speed284
9Aim True+Rise of the Commons431
10Aim True+Taking Sides396
11Aim True+Up Close & Personal406
12Armored Up+Broken Arrows899
13Armored Up+Earthquake276
14Armored Up+Healed Out482
15Armored Up+Keep Your Distance401
16Armored Up+Little League441
17Armored Up+Lost Legendaries411
18Armored Up+Melee Mayhem425
19Armored Up+Reverse Speed294
20Armored Up+Rise of the Commons424
21Armored Up+Taking Sides442
22Armored Up+Up Close & Personal399
23Back to Basics+Broken Arrows883
24Back to Basics+Earthquake259
25Back to Basics+Healed Out519
26Back to Basics+Keep Your Distance397
27Back to Basics+Little League394
28Back to Basics+Lost Legendaries387
29Back to Basics+Melee Mayhem410
30Back to Basics+Reverse Speed244
31Back to Basics+Rise of the Commons411
32Back to Basics+Taking Sides420
33Back to Basics+Up Close & Personal397
34Earthquake+Broken Arrows985
36Earthquake+Healed Out592
37Earthquake+Keep Your Distance414
38Earthquake+Little League398
39Earthquake+Lost Legendaries406
40Earthquake+Melee Mayhem431
41Earthquake+Reverse Speed270
42Earthquake+Rise of the Commons407
43Earthquake+Taking Sides390
44Earthquake+Up Close & Personal420
45Fog of War+Broken Arrows973
46Fog of War+Earthquake251
47Fog of War+Healed Out504
48Fog of War+Keep Your Distance435
49Fog of War+Little League381
50Fog of War+Lost Legendaries381
51Fog of War+Melee Mayhem393
52Fog of War+Reverse Speed253
53Fog of War+Rise of the Commons394
54Fog of War+Taking Sides376
55Fog of War+Up Close & Personal384
56Healed Out+Broken Arrows1637
57Healed Out+Earthquake622
58Healed Out+Healed Out3
59Healed Out+Keep Your Distance784
60Healed Out+Little League702
61Healed Out+Lost Legendaries768
62Healed Out+Melee Mayhem747
63Healed Out+Reverse Speed602
64Healed Out+Rise of the Commons762
65Healed Out+Taking Sides789
66Healed Out+Up Close & Personal734
67Reverse Speed+Broken Arrows970
68Reverse Speed+Earthquake300
69Reverse Speed+Healed Out558
70Reverse Speed+Keep Your Distance443
71Reverse Speed+Little League471
72Reverse Speed+Lost Legendaries427
73Reverse Speed+Melee Mayhem376
74Reverse Speed+Reverse Speed5
75Reverse Speed+Rise of the Commons393
76Reverse Speed+Taking Sides400
77Reverse Speed+Up Close & Personal432
78Silenced Summoners+Broken Arrows2250
79Silenced Summoners+Earthquake586
80Silenced Summoners+Healed Out1073
81Silenced Summoners+Keep Your Distance949
82Silenced Summoners+Little League923
83Silenced Summoners+Lost Legendaries873
84Silenced Summoners+Melee Mayhem919
85Silenced Summoners+Reverse Speed521
86Silenced Summoners+Rise of the Commons934
87Silenced Summoners+Taking Sides977
88Silenced Summoners+Up Close & Personal944
89Super Sneak+Broken Arrows941
90Super Sneak+Earthquake253
91Super Sneak+Healed Out489
92Super Sneak+Keep Your Distance394
93Super Sneak+Little League383
94Super Sneak+Lost Legendaries392
95Super Sneak+Melee Mayhem354
96Super Sneak+Reverse Speed285
97Super Sneak+Rise of the Commons409
98Super Sneak+Taking Sides413
99Super Sneak+Up Close & Personal379
100Target Practice+Broken Arrows955
101Target Practice+Earthquake263
102Target Practice+Healed Out502
103Target Practice+Keep Your Distance395
104Target Practice+Little League394
105Target Practice+Lost Legendaries385
106Target Practice+Melee Mayhem417
107Target Practice+Reverse Speed311
108Target Practice+Rise of the Commons355
109Target Practice+Taking Sides368
110Target Practice+Up Close & Personal436
111Unprotected+Broken Arrows910
113Unprotected+Healed Out570
114Unprotected+Keep Your Distance427
115Unprotected+Little League396
116Unprotected+Lost Legendaries415
117Unprotected+Melee Mayhem373
118Unprotected+Reverse Speed297
119Unprotected+Rise of the Commons407
120Unprotected+Taking Sides395
121Unprotected+Up Close & Personal344
122Weak Magic+Broken Arrows950
123Weak Magic+Earthquake239
124Weak Magic+Healed Out519
125Weak Magic+Keep Your Distance361
126Weak Magic+Little League432
127Weak Magic+Lost Legendaries452
128Weak Magic+Melee Mayhem392
129Weak Magic+Reverse Speed248
130Weak Magic+Rise of the Commons459
131Weak Magic+Taking Sides414
132Weak Magic+Up Close & Personal413

This table is based on data from about 20 hours ago, but it doesn't matter much.

For some time there was a bug that made both rules the same, hence e.g. Reverse Speed + Reverse Speed. If we skip these 3, it comes out 129.

In my opinion, some rules are illogical, e.g.

  • Back to Basics+Earthquake
  • Back to Basics+Healed Out
  • Super Sneak+Keep Your Distance
  • Super Sneak+Melee Mayhem
  • Target Practice+Up Close & Personal

Some rules are a bit funny:

  • Back to Basics+Melee Mayhem
  • Back to Basics+Up Close & Personal

What is your favorite double ruleset? And which one do you like least?


That broken arrow is my nightmare :)


Broken Arrows is one of my favorite. I like to play risky with Fire, but sometimes it turns out that it would be better to play boring Life variant :D


Yep .... but I didnt had those ... now they forced me to rent them :)

May I ask you how do you colect the data .... also how do you make the tables in markdown :)


I get data from:
Of course I have a copy in my local database to not query API for the same data multiple times.

How to make tables in markdown? Here is the answer ;-)

1|Aim True+Broken Arrows|||889
2|Aim True+Earthquake|||205

i played back to basics / earthquake today, funny but not so illogical, you want shields or lives man, different game alltogether

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First time I encountered back to basics / earthquake I just put SoTF at the end (not because of Flying which was gone anyway lol, but because of a lot of HP).


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