Splinterlands - Road to 1000000 DEC won in tournaments

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There were a lot of tournaments with good prizes last week. They were tournaments from the "Steemfest Special" series. I tried to participate in as many of them as possible, especially if it was a Diamond or Gold league tournament. The table below presents a summary of the prizes won. I have to admit that I am very happy with the results, especially since the tournaments were not easy and extremely many players took part in them.


I managed to win 127500 DEC in total. I only take into account prizes from the main account @jacekw. I skip prizes won with the account @great-blue-heron (heron staked account) or @sm-skynet (only for Gold Foil tournaments). My goal is to be the first player whose account won 1000000 DEC in tournaments. Each week, @gfriend96 presents a list of total DEC earned by players in tournaments.


I think I'm pretty close :-) On the other hand if we count all accounts that belongs to given player, @byzantinist is far ahead!

Let's look at some battles! I chose the fights from the toughest final.


Battle 1 (lost)

I chose a pretty common line-up, with the difference that I used the Dragonling Bowman, hoping it would weaken my opponent's back. It turned out to be a mistake because the opponent used Cyclops with the Shield ability as the last card. However, the opponent's use of the Naga Windmaster card was more important, which, combined with the Silenced Summoners ruleset, dramatically reduced my attack. I think if I used the Medusa instead of Dragonling Bowman I could win with some luck. Nevertheless, I finally lost.


Battle 2 (lost)

In the second battle the line-up was very similar. It seems to me that this is a 50/50 battle where luck decides about winning, but this time I lost.


Battle 3 (won)

The MVP of this battle was definitely 1lvl Furious Chicken that was able to absorb 2 attacks and costs 0 mana.


Battle 4 (won)

The main attackers in this battle were Goblin Sorcerer and Dwarven Wizard, which attacked the second line. In this way I tried to bypass the tank, because there I expected Lord Arianthus.


Battle 5 (won)

The line-ups look similar, but there is one key difference that decided about winning - 2 magic cards on my side and only 1 magic cards on the opponent's side.


I will post update in a week.


Hello Jacek, the Kitty Killer!

Thanks for the mention. As of right now, the total DEC that I've won is 2,240,063. That includes all tournament winnings from all accounts I am currently playing and previously played. It does not include any STEEM or other prizes that I have won. But I definitely think you will be the first to earn 1,000,000 DEC with a single account!

 11 months ago 

Hey mate. Congratulations on an excellent win. Best of luck in the rest of the tournament.

Over two million, that's a lot! I think I'm around 170000 DEC if I sum up prizes won by me from all accounts. Unfortunately, I don't track this so I cannot give exact number.


Starting out losing the first two duels and then turning around must have been very exciting! Congratulations and great battle analysis, we learned a lot.

I also liked the information about the @gfriend96 post and saw that even though it started now, I am already on the list at 82 position.

greetings, @jacekw

Excelent decs won, man!!!! Congratulations!!!

Another great post! Nice info. about winning and congrats on being a top winner in the tournaments!

Hi, @jacekw!

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Those were an awesome set of tournaments. I only managed to play in a small amount but there was a ton of value for everyone in them.

Congrats on kicking ass in them.

Thanks! Usually I don't have too much time during the week to play tournaments because of work and other stuff and I just focus only on the weekend ones but the prizes of SteemFest Special tournaments were so nice, that I tried to play as many as I could. The only drawback was that at the end of the week I was very sleepy haha :)

Amazing data as usual from the master of mosters...