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RE: SteemMonsters: How much DEC have you earned in the 22nd season?

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Interesting stuff results for ctrpch, please

.PlayerDEC from battlesBattlesAvg

.PlayerMax DEC from battle

That's great thank you, can you tell me how I can run this report myself

That's great thank you, can
You tell me how I can run
This report myself

                 - ctrpch

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hi. It's hard for me to give a full script to do all the job because basically I do it in two steps with python scripts.
First, I query data from SteemMonsters API and save it in my local database

From this API you can query 1000 battles at once, so you need to take care of from_block parameter. I start from the latest block, query 1000 battles, remember the lowest block number and in the next iteration start from this new block number (from_block parameter).

Last season started at block 36015998 and ended at block 36408813.

When all data are in the database you have to only iterate over all battles and count DEC rewards.

DEC reward for given battle is here: