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RE: Hell Yeah: I Found A Golden Chicken + Giveaway!

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

You have used the Hashtag #[CC] and can now reward 21.0 comments under your post with one CC.

More information about the Commentcoin-Project can be found on this account.
Thanks for using it.

Happy comments.
Your CC-Team:
@kristall97 ([Code-Designer])
@alucian ([Project-Designer])


Excellent, thanks for the cool initiative.

Thx back.

But we have "bad" news, since today. We share with you.

We have a to big using of the CC and not enought buyers of it.
Looks like this is not in balance to reward the sellers of CC.
This means, we are forced to increase the Limit for the using of the Service at next sunday again.
More than one week earlier we looked for... Negative Side is the speed of this changes. But i have no choice, if we would be keep the service up.

This is our only way, to hold the balance from buyed CC of the Hashtag users and selled ones from the mass of commented users we have every day in this early stadium of the project.

It looks like it works much better and be adapted faster, we thought at the start. This is creazy to see.

All the months for me i hoped a little bit, we do not have a chance to get just some users, becouse i did calculate the need beeing of this project false. But this was a wrong hope.
I underratet my own analytics of the usecase for a easy rewarding system of comments on the Steem Blockchain.

Let us hope, we do get the bigger investors see this too, and make a saver buy back market.


@rentmoney You are welcome and we wish you great comments on Steem. Happy weekend greetings @wakeupkitty