Steem Monsters Card Giveaway #8 - Sea Monster Level 4 Regular Card

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Hello SM players,

I think I have given away a Gold Sea Monster card before but this time no gold. Sadly I have ran out of extra gold cards to giveaway. I did not get any gold card in daily quests or season rewards last season. So, no gold card for this week. But I'll be giving away a regular Sea Monsters Level 4 (13 BCX) card. Its stats are same as a gold card but you'll get less DEC for playing with it.

I highly recommend playing it with a inspire Summoner like Daria Dragonscale or with a inspire monster in the back line and using it as a tank.

Card Statistics

Level4 (Regular)
Mele Attack5
Range Attack0
Magic Attack0

Steem Monsters Lore

There are rumors of Sea Monsters that can swallow a ship whole. The truth is, there are Sea Monsters big enough to swallow the Sea Monster that swallowed the ship whole. Most land lubbers cannot conceive how deep within the planet or how far beyond the horizon the oceans go.

How to participate

To participate, please comment once below the post. No upvote, resteem, and follow is required but will be appreciated. If you don't have a Steem Monsters account, please consider using my referral link to get one.

Winner of Last Giveaway

Congratulations @gillianpearce! You have received your winnings. :)

picker.steemify.me_Laptop with MDPI screen.png

Screenshot from 20190706 212604.png

Thank you all for participating in the last one. I look forward seeing you on this one too.

Winner selection

I'd use to select a random winner and announce the winner in my next post.

All images used here are from Steem Monsters website. I don't reserve any rights.

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Hi @codebull your post has been upvoted by @zaku-spt courtesy of @zaku! Enjoy Splintertalk and keep posting valuable contents .

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thanks very much for the card @codebull. That's a great win. 😁

I want to be in. @yeiverlin

I would love this on my deck. I have a level 1 and it makes my water splinter awesome but I am still bronze league so it would be an awesome addition to my team.

Count me too

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I am in

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I want this beast


would be nice to have a sea monster in the swimming pool

I want to be in. Maybe you too @minhaz007

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I am in

I am in

Wooow! Cool stuff here. I'm in!

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I'm in. It would be great to level up my Sea Monster

I am in :)

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That card would help my deck a lot. I'm in!

I'm in!

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