Steem Monsters Card Giveaway #10 - Vampire Level 4 Regular Card

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Hello SM players,

It took more than a week to send the prize for the last giveaway. I was out of the town in later part of last week. For this week I'll be giving away a Vampire Level 4 (12 BCX) regular card. I have given away a gold Vampire before. Please check this post of mine to know more about my usage of the card. This card is equivalent to that gold card, only different is you'll not get the extra DEC you'd have gotten with the gold one.

Card Statistics

Level4 (Regular)
Mele Attack0
Range Attack2
Magic Attack0
AbilitiesLife Leech

Steem Monsters Lore

Some Dark Eternals choose to turn their back on the Dark Codex, giving in to the temptation of Soul Harvesting. It is a disgusting and archaic practice that takes over the soul of its practicer. Eventually the Soul Harvester becomes addicted, needing to feed off living souls to survive. This is the birth of a Vampire.

How to participate

To participate, please comment once below the post. No upvote, resteem, and follow is required but will be appreciated. If you don't have a Steem Monsters account, please consider using my referral link to get one.

Winner of Last Giveaway

Congratulations @handtalk5! You have received your winnings. :)

picker.steemify.me_(Laptop with MDPI screen).png
Screenshot from 2019-07-22 20-31-44.png

Thank you all for participating in the last one. I look forward seeing you on this one too.

Winner selection

I'd use to select a random winner and announce the winner in my next post.

All images used here are from Steem Monsters website. I don't reserve any rights.

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a level 4 Vampire would be awesome to win. So I'll test my luck ;)


I'm in! :D

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Consider me in

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Oh, wow. What a nice surprise that was after logging into Steemmonsters. :-)

Let me try again for the Vampire. :-D


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I am glad if I will get this vampire card, I need for my level to increase it

im in

i like this vampire card! I need for my level to increase it

I have one but still ill participate to be in the game