Splinterlands: Staches of the Splinterverse

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Secret Agent Stache.jpg

In honor of Secret Agent Stache's (@cryptostache) recent streaming of Splinterlands:

I have carefully compiled a gallery of all the Splinterlands denizens with mustaches, which can help serve as inspiration for Secret Agent Stache's next costume / disguise!

Special thanks to @chrisroberts for his help with the images. Now behold the Stache Parade:

Fire Symbol.jpg

Stache Exploding Dwarf_lv10.jpg

Stache Imp Bowman_lv6.jpg

Stache Magnor_lv4.jpg

Stache Zalran Efreet_lv4.jpg

Water Symbol.jpg

Stache Pirate Captain_lv10.jpg

Stache Sea Genie_lv10.jpg

Stache Alric Stormbringer_lv8.jpg

Stache Pirate Archer_lv8.jpg

Stache Naga Windmaster_lv8.jpg

Stache Captain's Ghost_lv8.jpg

Stache Frost Giant_lv4.jpg

Stache Poseidon_lv4.jpg

Earth Symbol.jpg

Stache Wizard of Eastwood_lv8.jpg

Stache Magi of the Forest_lv6.jpg

Life Symbol.jpg

Stache Silvershield Warrior_lv10.jpg

Stache Lone Boatman_lv10.jpg

Stache Silvershield Sheriff_lv8.jpg

Stache High Priest Darius_lv4.jpg

Stache Chanseus the Great_lv4.jpg

Death Symbol.jpg

Stache Vampire_lv10.jpg

Dragon Symbol.jpg

Stache ShinLo_lv4.jpg

Stache Archmage Arius_lv4.jpg

Neutral Symbol.jpg

Stache Peaceful Giant_lv10.jpg

Stache Grumpy Dwarf_lv10.jpg

Stache Dwarven Wizard_lv6.jpg

Stache Spirit Miner_lv4.jpg

The general trend, unsurprisingly, seems to be: Dwarves, Giants, Pirates, and Wizards. There were also a lot of monsters with beards but no stache.

By Splinter we have:

Fire: 4 beards (including a dwarf and a giant)
Water: 8 beards (lots of pirates, a giant, and a wizard)
Earth: 2 beards (wizards)
Life: 5 beards (two wizard-like characters)
Death: 1 beard (most skulls and corpses don't have facial hair)
Dragon: 2 beards (a wizard)
Neutral: 4 beards (dwarves and a giant)

Did I miss any staches?

Which monster or summoner do you think has the best stache?

And what would be your vote for Secret Agent Stache's first Splinterlands costume?


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Who is that @cryptostache guy? Never heard of him before but his video looks funny. Anyhow, the stache collection is epic.



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Alric Stormbringer has the best stache in my oppinion
I like those "basic wizard" looking staches

This is SO awesome! Thanks man, had fun!

This is some awesome news to hear :)