Splinterlands: Helping Small Players Get Land

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During the first Splinterlands Land Presale (on November 7th, 2020), there were 50 lottery entries for the 27 full regions available via lottery. Then the 3 remaining regions (3000 plots worth of land) were sold out within 21 seconds. This led to a lot of angry and frustrated players who had been looking forward to buying land but were unable to do so.

For the second Land Presale (November 28th 2020), up to 23 of the regions will be guaranteed for the 23 entrants to the first lottery who were not selected. The remaining 7 regions (along with any guaranteed regions where the player chooses not to exercise that option) will be available via lottery system.

My pooling group, Cat Land, really wanted our cat-themed region in the first lottery. In addition to our primary entry, I also fronted the money for two additional lottery entries. Fortunately, we ended up with the 1 region we were hoping for. That also left me with the option of 2 guaranteed regions in the second presale. Since so many small players had trouble getting the land they wanted, I have decided to use these 2 guaranteed regions to help the small players ("minnows") with a "Minnow Pool." If I simply chose not to exercise the option to buy these regions, they would be available in the second lottery but there is no guarantee that minnows would be able to get them before the whales. And even then, the minnows would have to pay the higher unit cost ($12/plot) instead of being able to benefit from the cheaper bulk rate that pool groups get ($9/plot).

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If you bought individual plots in the first presale it was $10/plot.

If you buy individual plots in the second presale (through the lottery) it is $12/plot.

  1. Through the "Minnow Pool", I have 2000 plots worth of land that I am offering to smaller players at cost ($9/plot), which is cheaper than buying individual plots in either of the presales.

  2. You will get 9 raffle tickets with each plot (one raffle ticket per dollar spent).

  3. These are from a guaranteed region. With the second lottery, there is a chance you won't get the land you want if there is too much demand and you aren't selected in time. Unlike other pooling groups which are contingent on enough funds being raised, Minnow Pool is going to happen. I'll front enough funds to buy the 2 regions regardless of how many people have joined by the time of the second presale.

  4. I will distribute the plots and the raffle tickets as soon as I receive them (right when the lottery period ends and presale #2 begins).

  5. Since these are individual plots, there is a chance for a keep or a castle but none are guaranteed. If you have multiple plots of land, you can request that they be located together and Splinterlands will try to accommodate that but even if they are next to each other they could be straddling different tracts or regions.

  6. I strongly prefer U.S. PayPal for payment (since the original amount from the first lottery was put on my credit card and I now have 7.5 million credits sitting on each of two accounts), though I can also probably take any sort of crypto that Splinterlands accepts. For those who want to buy land with DEC, there may still be room in some other pooling groups that you can try. Or you can try converting your DEC into crypto and then joining Minnow Pool with that.

  7. If someone wants to buy more than 50 plots, I can put the excess (over 50) on the waiting list. I want to first give as many people as possible the chance to purchase plots. If there is leftover supply, then I can sell the rest.

  8. To contact me you can DM on Discord (Byzantinist - 🐎 Purebred Sires#2992) or you can reply to this post.

Secured Plots in Minnow Pool

  1. @dexpartacus
    (PAID) 50 plots + 450 raffle tickets

  2. @poliwalt10
    (PAID) 50 plots + 450 raffle tickets

  3. @thecryptocoinkid
    (PAID) 5 plots + 45 raffle tickets

  4. @flyguns
    (PAID) 10 plots + 90 raffle tickets

  5. @redparra
    (PAID) 21 plots + 189 raffle tickets

  6. @sumatranate
    (PAID) 20 plots + 180 raffle tickets

  7. @johnhtims
    (PAID) 12 plots + 108 raffle tickets

  8. @stepbie
    (PAID) 10 plots + 90 raffle tickets

  9. @pieternijmeijer
    (PAID) 2 plots + 18 raffle tickets

  10. @alaqrab
    (PAID) 9 plots + 81 raffle tickets

  11. @elminho
    (PAID) 1 plot + 9 raffle tickets

  12. @genketsu
    (PAID) 50 plots + 450 raffle tickets

  13. @odajareignos
    (PAID) 3 plots + 27 raffle tickets

  14. @bp9930
    (PAID) 25 plots + 225 raffle tickets

  15. @cryptoffland
    (PAID) 10 plots + 90 raffle tickets

  16. @cryptolivia
    (PAID) 2 plots + 18 raffle tickets

  17. @siutcase
    (PAID) 20 plots + 180 raffle tickets

  18. @ciberrich
    (PAID) 10 plots + 90 raffle tickets

  19. @bebeomega
    (PAID) 100 plots + 900 raffle tickets (but no title)

  20. @jilt
    (PAID) 1 plot + 9 raffle tickets

  21. @mctopherson
    (PAID) 20 plots + 180 raffle tickets

  22. @khalehla
    (PAID) 10 plots + 90 raffle tickets

  23. @madeyearcher
    (PAID) 100 plots + 900 raffle tickets (but no title)

  24. @omra-sky
    (PAID) 17 plots + 153 raffle tickets

  25. @buddyboyb
    (PAID) 8 plots + 72 raffle tickets

  26. @tanzofett
    (PAID) 5 plots + 45 raffle tickets

  27. @pancholfugazi
    (PAID) 10 plots + 90 raffle tickets

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Such great work helping others! You are awesome!

Thank you very much for helping small players to get lands!

@tipu curate 2

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Thanks brother!
Take some plots for me was "mission impossible", lucky to have Hivers like you!😀
Tomorrow I will translate your initiative and explain it to my italian buddies!🍻

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Project Activity Update

Thanks for allowing everyone an opportunity to get land! I'm so excited! :)

Great initiative!

Nice Byza....Helping minnows to get their hands on the lands. Thanks for sharing. @xabi

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Great Splinterlands post! I am giving you a cat gif instead of my mongoose gif! LOL! ~@clove71

@byzantinist - Just reaching out to confirm what we discussed in Discord. Are we still good for me to buy 20 plots from you?

Yep that sounds great!

It will be $180 (sent via U.S. PayPal) for 20 plots + 180 raffle tickets.

Payment was just sent.

Received it! Thank you.

Great thing yall are doing. Much respect. I'm defiantly one of those players. I was there ready to purchase. But unfortunately, buy the time I went to pay buy PayPal. Which takes a lot longer I noticed. ALL the plots and lands were gone. Great content!

Are you still interested in some plots?

If you buy from Minnow Pool, it's actually CHEAPER than if you had bought individual plots in Round 1!

if i buy plots, what are lottery tickets for?

There are two different types of "lottery tickets."

#1. If you try to buy land from the normal website, there are currently 7 regions worth of land available. If there is demand for more than that, all entries are entered into a lottery and not everyone will get the land that they wanted. So with the website, you are securing a lottery entry right now (as opposed to guaranteed land).

Those who failed in the first lottery do have access to guaranteed regions (like in the case of Minnow Pool). So in that case, we are guaranteed a region and don't have to go through the uncertainty of the lottery system.

#2. A separate issue are "raffle tickets." In January there will be a raffle where each raffle ticket gives you the chance to win various prizes. You can see the list of prizes here: https://peakd.com/splinterlands/@splinterlands/official-splinterlands-land-presale-announcement
"In total, the raffle will offer over 50,000 prizes with an estimated retail value of over $100,000 - and that doesn't even include the potential market value of the totems!"

Received. Added you to the list!

Thank you!

Thanks for making this available to the non-whales who enjoy playing Splinterlands!

I'd like to get 25 plots please... Paypal is good with me for payment.

Okay. Since I couldn't find you on Discord, I sent you an e-mail (to your Broad Perspective Research address).

Received your payment. Have you down for your 25 plots.

Hi byzantinist, I sent over the HBD for 2 more land plots:


Please confirm that you got it. Thanks.

Yes, I received it. Have updated the post to reflect your 2 additional land plots (1 + 2 = 3 total now).

Hello! Congratz on this initiative very helpful to small players! (like me)

I tried to buy 1 plot in the last sale without any success. Do you accept to sell just 1 or 2 plots? I didn't want to invest more than that really.

Best regards.

Edit: I would use paypal, so dm me with your paypal details plz.

Okay, I received your payment and now have you down for 1 plot!

Thank you for all your work 👍


Yes, people who only want 1 or 2 plots are welcome to join!

Are you on Discord? I see a elminho#8995. Is that you?

If you're not on Discord you can also e-mail me at: byzantinekitty@gmail.com

Great initiative

Hi Byzantinist. I sent over the $86 HBD for 9 more plots of land. Please confirm that you got it. Thanks.


Received. With those 9 additional plots, I now have you down for 12 total plots.

Thanks for helping the small players on getting land.
How to buy land from you? do you have a link?


You can DM me on Discord (Byzantinist - 🐎 Purebred Sires#2992) or e-mail me at: byzantinekitty@gmail.com

Got your payment and have you down for your 10 plots.

Thanks again for facilitating the 50 plots of land! This is a fantastic community gesture

Glad you were able to join us in the Minnow Pool!

Hi, I'd be very interested in buying one plot of land, I can pay with PayPal if needed, please count me in!

Hello I sent you a friend request on discord, I am ScooterBizz. I am looking to buy plots.

Sorry this is who the 20 plots were for

Understood. I received your payment and have you down for your 20 plots.

Thanks again!

Thanks for joining our pool!

Hi bizantine thanks for thinking about us little players, I would like a plot, tell me how would be the way to pay them, thanks


Are you on Discord? If so, you can DM me at: Byzantinist - 🐎 Purebred Sires

Otherwise, e-mail me at: byzantinekitty@gmail.com

If you are able to pay via PayPal, there is more time flexibility.

If you are planning to pay via crypto, it would be ideal to finalize things before the pre-sale in 6 hours.

Okay, all land and raffle tickets have been sent!

If anyone wants any more plots ($9 for 1 plot and 9 raffle tickets), please let me know!