Steem Monsters Parade

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When people hear about Goa, they think boom-boom-psytrance music (which is totally justified).

However, living here now for a while, I discovered the State of Goa in India is also very famous for its yearly carnival parade.

It is a huge parade with prices in many categories.

As a big steem monsters fan and player, I introduced an extra price category “Steem Monsters”.

There is no lack of manpower in India and the results were astonishing

First Prize : Rexxie

All monsters were big but this one was kind of scary big. Taking into account size, originality and alikeness, this was a clear winner in the competition, congratulations!

Second Prize : Mischievous Mermaid

A very nice interpretation, I was kind of surprised by the pink skin color, the mischievous mermaid in Steem Monsters is everywhere pink/purple, except for the skin

Our Mermaid was setup in a more global sea scene, all sea creatures had their own little moves guided by hidden engines and ropes

Last but not least, the creators had a message to stop polluting the seas, extra points for sure, deserved second price, congratulations.

Third Prize – Rusty Android

Maybe rusty android is not so much used in our game but this group didn’t mind. On the contrary, they came up with an alternative use of our rusty android, to use him for garbage collection.

This is in line with the new plans for Steem Monsters, to revive these never used bored monsters with giving them some possible extra features when certain conditions are met.

Also here, an extra score for the message to the people which was “Clean up your f garbage!”

A shout out to all participants, it was an incredible manifestation and I am very surprised how they managed to represent our monsters.

Last but not least a picture of this famous visitor, long time dead but dead doesn’t really exist in India. Do you recognize him?

He said he came for the spectacle but we all know he came for the accompanying Goa music which manifested till the morning hours

All pictures are mine except for the following one which is also technically not really a picture

Much love and take care


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Totally different question for my honorable visitor here: Do you know if anybody ever interfaced with Steem from C#? i asked in steemdevs discord but not 1 answer. Tkx.

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I have had C# devs ask about writing their own library for broadcasting transactions. I did not get the impression that they were going to make their library open source, though.

i might look into it, i start a new C# job tomorrow, i have to get myself interested, i am not really a Microsoft fan. A bit of unity with a little steem lib would do miracles to get me enthusiastic. Cheers, will definitely make it open if i do it.

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You might also be interested in the Microsoft distribution of Linux. I was surprised to see that they have a dotnet command that executes .exe and .dll files right in the terminal. Maybe that's old news, but it's new to me.

the boom-boom psytrance music

Would be cool to party with Rexxie or the Mermaid, though :0)

Awesome monsters!

Rexxie is nice to dance with but he has to stay in control or it becomes dangerous. Rusty android also does a good job though, fits well in automated music :-)

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What a great Splinterlands post! I see a Steem Monsters upvote coming your way soon! 👍👍

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definitely something else :-)

Thanks for the resteem

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Haha, what a great Splinterade (got it? No, it's not a drink!). Now we need all those Indians to play Splinterlands as well and the world will be all shiny and beautiful.


that would be more spectacular than you think. Online Indian poker is always decided in minutes instead of hours, all-in, all-in, all-in, curious how they would play sm...

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Wow, that is so cool! Well done everyone there!

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Well, this woman almost got it right ...


IMHO: don't throw plastic anywhere - try to no use plastic at all :)

wow, you are one dedicated monster man! <3

Wow that's so cool! Ship em to europe😉

i better ship some Indians and remake it there, these monsters don't fit in standard containers :-)

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eujjjj a post from BUB ! hahahah, yeah awesome parade and you can see these guys are getting on top of it! :DDD

Haha that's so cool!

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