Season rewards cards: 2 golds

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Hola Peeps,

Yet another season end and yet another rewards season. This time I have received slightly better monsters as compared to the previous one. I got 2 gold cards in this one. I haven't used any potions.
I looked through many posts and I have seen that Gold Vampire and Gold Rusty Android are pretty common in this one. I am not sure if I should be happy about the gold or not.



  • Phantom Soldier
    This card lately is becoming one of my favorites. I generally use Melee attack monsters like a tank in the front line. However for death splinter this card is moving to my favorite opening one. It has good speed, mana points not very high, magic attack and flying as an additional ability. It is very helpful during the shaky battlefields where earthquake takes 2 health points off all non flying monsters.
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Congrats as you got 2 Gold cards. Keep playing ;)

Thanks. Excited about them already.

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