CBI Token Update Day 51

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Circulating 990000
Bought back 500
Remaining 990000

Steempower 1771
Previous 1729
HivePower 1658

We are now going to list Sp aswell as Hp
Both are increasing at a good rate.

We have decided to hold back on tribe tokens and concentrate more on other tokens which yield dividends.

Gamer token :15m plus 1m liquid
Epic 196000
Maxuv 370
Income 101
Ufm 80000
Addax 315 (monthly cycles)
TMPS 780
Canna 250
Dach 40
Taruk 20
NBC 51
Q 60
Spi 3000 (div upcoming)
Majority of the tokens give dividends. Some are vote bonds and some do both.
These are excluding tribe tokens held. With current uncertainty surrounding tribes we feel its best to just sit back and see what develops. We are not counting them out but currently have no plans to invest any further in tribe tokens til some clarity on there future.
The 2 which we will concentrate on increasing holdings in are:
MapUV and Spi.
MapUV is a solid project and with the addition of dividends it could be huge.
Spi was going rather stale but after discussing its future and possible changes this could be huge.
We were looking to cash in after making very good returns in a short period of time.
We have done a u turn and decided to double down and pick up more to increase holdings.

Almost all other tokens have fallen and some have risen.
Cbi has maintained growth throughout. Currently yielding 25%apr this can have small increases and decreases but maintains above 20% apr at all times.
How do you get involved?
By delegating sp (soon hp)

Happy Investing

Any questions leave a comment or join us in ufm discord

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Good investments ! I see you often on Kryptogamers !
Stay safe

Yeah. You too ty.
Gamers has the double payout divs so defo worth picking up some more. Then again I earn enough tokens. Would be awesome if they had a built in rich list like epic☺

Good luck 👍

Thank you