Pundits Predicting Dynamics...

in #steemleolast year

Hello everyone,

I wonder how people can predict dynamic things, predicting bitcoin is the new game, everyone with their own theories, especially on the internet, does not have any basic foundation supporting their theories. I have seen a lot of posts, blogs, videos when bitcoin was not doing well and was sick of bears. And when I look their graph I just laugh out. I respect their knowledge but these days most of such media coverings come with a great title and lame writings. Bitcoin price changes every second and there is no upper or lower bound defined for it. Cryptos are more than just bulls or bears, it is someone's project, a vision of seeing things differently. According to one of the popular blogger on steemit, steem houses more than 400 Dapps and there are a handful of projects on steem to which I am volunteering. One has to realize that this is not just mathematics, this is not a thing which can be evaluated on graphs.

I understand that it is an aspect of visualizing behavior but it actually does worse than just supporting theories. What if we publish steem graphs with all ups, all downs or camel cases, doesn't it tricks the mind of viewers? Internet is filled with all similar graphs which do not do anything except passing the time of readers. In my contact, I have met a few investors who actually don't know what bitcoin is but they are holding it, all they know is that it is an asset similar to gold, known for sudden spikes, that's it!
Just like we have a campaign "Steem is not Steemit or Steemit is not Steem", we must spread similar things in the commons as well. It is not just an asset, it's an application, a utility tool that can help in overcoming the drawbacks that we are facing in our economic structure.