Media pumping-dumping Bitcoin more than investors

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Hello everyone,

Back in 2018 when bitcoin was on the downfall, the bitcoin-bubble hype was created that actually costs bitcoin more than its usability, applications, and scope. Now as bitcoin is nearing to recover its last highest bar, media is getting concentrated on pulling it back again. I understand that there are journalists who are actually investors but most of them just tend to flow in the opposite direction. Media is also one of the reasons why bitcoin is getting slammed in India as well. I just don't know why that such people in media without even a single transaction, especially in Indian media, makes blowing news that bitcoin or crypto assets are actually helping in growing terrorism. I don't know why they keep repeating the same line. No channel is talking about crypto they don't help in spreading the awareness of what bitcoin is and they just summing upon the drawbacks of having it. Everything has certain drawbacks according to a perspective but it doesn't mean that we go blind or overlook how it can solve the problems that we are facing.

Is it a coincidence or a way of hiding ?

Most of the things are controlled by the government even media and this thing just stop people from having complete independence or freedom. Today, If I say someone about bitcoin in my local, they keep on staring on me and the very first thing they do is relating bitcoin with bad practices, how bitcoin or cryptos are only delivering bad things in the society. This is not because they know bitcoin, this is because they are repeating the very same line that media is flashing. They don't know and even don't try to understand whether it is a positive thing or a negative thing.

If you see eye to eye, the whole world will same...


because they have bought too hahah