Facebook Libra ahead of XRP, ETH before launch

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Hello everyone,

Media is indeed funnier than any show and it proves every time why we must read them - for health, lol! Laughing is the best medicine and the media never fails to give me a dose. Today one of the posts reads so here is the title that gives you hope...

And after reading this you will ask how?

Might be Facebook finally able to clear the libra idea and now getting the license to supply it or introduce in the market. Well nope, this is not the reason and neither any technical reason behind this title. The reason which is at the ground of this statement is the percent of the population that heard of libra or other cryptos. So this is a new way and effective way? Ehh... making lines are easier but supporting them with perfect clause when there is cross-debate is where this thing get trickier.
I don't want to bash the author, he did what he had too. The blog reveals that after bitcoin the majority of the US population know or heard of Libra and after that XRP, ETH falls in this list. Great insights! Majority of the world population know about Kim Jong Un but it doesn't mean that he is the right stuff for world peace or any effective personality. This title usually comes when you are searching about celeb stuff but things are crossing over, more than Avengers, lol.

Make some decent sound, please! Clickbait!