Best response to Trump's thin air concept

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Hello everyone,


Approximately every government dislikes cryptocurrencies. And the reason for this is the control over the system. Big people or administrations have a lot of power and the best thing they do is to make things like the way they want. Recently, USA President Mr. Trump said that he does not like something which is highly volatile and somewhere in his word he was hiding another sentence "NOT IN CONTROL - FOR MANIPULATION". I enjoy his tweets, most of the time it gives me a sense that twitter is not down, lol. What you call "THIN AIR" is mathematics which you will not understand unless you start listening.

I don't know how it is going to like the new money-making system LIBRA. People have come far from the 2018 build and now they understand what these cryptos are and whether this thing is good to hold or not. Now it does not need any public image to bump or dump, things will work accordingly.

A wise person said before...

People want transparency, they need freedom, freedom from your self made system and self-made world.


Haha yes. He is giving the 'canned Wall Street' answer to crypto. If he asks non-swamp dwellers what they think, especially people that have some concept of it rather than pure contempt I think his feelings on it would change drastically within seconds.