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RE: @spinvest-leo update 7 - First Mining payout, growth and thoughts.

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I say put the SPI crown on the Lion πŸ˜‚


I've been prodding you about the Spinny-OxianAG project because I believe I want to host it if you don't. I have a substantial stake of NEOXIAN Silver, plus .513 of a Silver Miner, a couple separate accounts and I think I could do the posting requirements. Not planning an exact copy but something that pays out pretty well. Well over 20,000 neoxAG tokens, just under 24,000 in fact. Neoxian has a delegation model that rewards relatively small DELI with 100% UV and an aggressive 'burn program' that turns over a lot of tokens on a regular basis! I've been doing the homework, and I believe I can get a blessing from The Man himself, maybe even a special deal for the community πŸ‘

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Awesome, I reckon you will be perfect for the job. If you want to chat about set-up, hit me up on discord. If I'm not at work or asleep, I'll be around. Looking forward to seeing another branch growing from the spinvest tree.

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Here it is

Yeah I have a few questions, and decisions to make. I want to have a little different approach but once I see the complete picture, it will likely be more similar than different 🀩🦁πŸ₯ˆ

I have some NEOXAG. I can delegate them to "spi-neoxag" at any time :-)

Very Nice, Buci!
JK and I have been chatting, and just between the two of us,
SPI-NeoxianAG would be already about 90% as large as Spin-LEO
Darn close to 30k right now, in fact.
I need to formulate a posting ;)


When it's done, give echo so I can contribute my little bit to the mill :-)