BSoV got listed in 2 exchanges yesterday & gifting some more steemleo

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BSoV is a nice little gem I discovered about 2 months ago.  If this is the first time you hear about it, then you should know that it's an eth token, that's pretty much like bitcoin. It's mineable, no ico, no premine bs and a max cap of 21 million coins. But here's their small twist. 1 % of all transactions are burned. Permanently.

What won me right away with this new token is the community. The telegram is on fire everyday and it's as if everyone is trying their best to turn this into a success. I actually like it so much I even created an account for them here on steemit, @bsov

The price of the coin now is about 2 cents and imo it has only up to go, as it's only listed on a couple of small exchanges, like DDEX. Despite that, it has really good volumes (300-500 $ a day). Furthermore, both mining hashrates and no of wallets increase by the day, indicating a healthy and on-growing community. Here are some stats from yesterday:

And now to the good news. Yesterday was a pretty good day for the bsov as two new exchanges were announced. Both of them are relatively small, but hey, a victory is a victory. Even if it's a small one. 

The first exchange is refinex:

And the second is 0xchange:

Now, I don't want to promise you any easy riches. But I'd love if you joined us on the telegram and see for yourself if it's something you'd like to be a part of, either as an investor, a miner or whatever!





In other news, @palikari123 is back! He had some health issues but seems like he is stronger than ever. And the first thing he commented on me was this:

No hi, no nothing:( 

Can't blame him. I would have done the same if I heard some idiot was giving away steemleo for free. So, there you go my friend. Enjoy:

I know, it's not much, just my today's liquid earning. Welcome to steemleo!

Posted via Steemleo

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Burning tx is always something worth looking at, that's true deflation right there! Have you tried mining it? I wonder how much I can make with my GPU mining BSOV

i tried but i fucked up somewhere in the middle, got lazy and gave up! join the telegram and ask, i think there are some miners there that can answer :D

😱 WTF lol. I was just trolling the troll. I didn't think you would actually send me tokens😂. That was just my way of saying HI.

Thank you though. I will accept them graciously and thanks for the mention. I'm back more as a part timer for now.

I hope your investment works out for you too:) If not, please don't cry like a little bitch!

I know you missed me, so @ruth-girl can you please give @trumpman a kiss from me. Ty!