Silence gives consent?

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As you may know, in less than three days Justin Sun will announce what is the new acquisition of BitTorrent (BTT).

This guy has created a poll for his followers offering several options to vote for and try to guess what has been purchased this time.

The point here is that, so far, after more than 400 votes STEEM is the prefered option according to TRON followers, getting more than 52% of the total survey so far.

As usual, I am not expecting any announcement from the STEEMIT INC company about but, as an old saying we use in spanish....

Silence gives consent

What do you think about?


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My gut tells me it is not steemit that he is buying. That would make me an other candidate.

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@dlive finally

Finally we get some good news. I think the reason is Binance has been selling steem since $7, now it’s low and they owe it to their investors, otherwise why did they ever list steem in the first place? Considering JS is heavily invested in Binance he’s badically an owner, so If they don’t help this coin they been shilling all this tome, legally it just looks bad for everyone in the long run, that’s why everyone calls steem a scam! We’ll see but it’s about time! Best time for him to do it is now!

Wasn't Poloniex the exchange Justin invested?

He invested in both I believe. I saw an article about it a while back, was just trying to look it up but didn’t find it! 🤔

That makes sense to me, we will discover it soon.

I would say it will be "OTHER"

yep, but it only has 23% share

Majority doesn't mean be in the right direction. On crypto, fans vote for their preferred projects. Of course I could be wrong but that's what I am currently thinking on the poll topic

He bought Dlive it looks like but it's good publicity for the chain.


I read already, thanks anyway

OMG it is dlive and dlive has nothing to do with steemit!! Scam!

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