7000 LEO Power Reached (~#45 richlist)

in #steemleo11 months ago (edited)

Today I powered up another 500 LEO. My @curatorlink.leo account is curating non-stop (I still struggle to keep my upvote amounts of LEO up!)


Bringing up my total amount of LEO up to 7K :)


As stated in this @dtrade post, this could be one of the last opportunities before the LEO token starts again steady climb up. It's basically the only SE token that I'm comfortably accumulating atm.

The burns won't help to keep the token price low. Load up, or regret later. (Yep, shillin' a bit there, but I put my money where my mouth is).

Hope you had a great tuesday.

Steem on!

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That’s an important achievement!
I think you picked an awesome tribe to work with and devote your attention.

Thank you for posting from the https://steemleo.com interface 🦁