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RE: MY VERY FIRST TRIP TO SWITZERLAND - one of the most crypto and blockchain friendly place on the planet earth

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Delegations to me are a revolutionary blockchain feature that makes possible P2P digital asset leasing services such as In essence, the Steem blockchain is one of the few financial instruments that allow you to temporarily lease the utility of holding a token to another party, while retaining ownership of the asset at all times and having the ability to revoke the lease at any time by notifying the blockchain.

Think of it as being a car owner and with an automatic remote controlled eject seat and homing technology, when you no longer want the other party to have the utility of driving your car which you own, simply activate the eject seat which shoots the driver out of the car and the homing beacon brings the car back to you. Delegation of Steem Power is even better because it is a digital asset which is not subject to wear and tear and depreciation.


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HAPPY NEW YEAR :) Hopefully 2020 won't be as scary as many expert are predicting.