Reading! A Must For Entrepreneurs... Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

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Books... a door into the writer's mind, that's what a book is! A door into the writer's mind, a door into the writer's knowledge, a door into his soul, a door into his habits, a door that if you go through, your very own mind is taken over! Books change people, books change a person's way of thinking! This happened to me...

I always wanted to save and invest, ever since I was a little young boy, I wanted to save money and put it to work, I saved my money and wanted to buy a house to rent! I wanted to invest in the stock market! I still remember saving a thousand or two of euros in a little piggy bank, I still remember counting it! It felt good to know that I had that money...

Unfortunately, my country, and especially my family, never had much of an investor's mindset, and so, I was never able to invest before I was 18... I never had the necessary support from the family to invest before I was legally an "adult". "You will lose it all!" "What about taxes?" "I give you that money so you can have fun!" "That's gambling!".

When I got to 18 my mind was split, I had heard those same lines so many times that they penetrated my mind, they nested inside my mind like little parasites, preventing me from investing, preventing me from putting my money to work... and this situation went on for years! But all of this changed in 2017...

That whole year will forever change me, too many things happened, I could do a whole post about it, but between deaths, girls, me dedicating myself to study, I decided to restart reading books, something that I hadn't done in a few years! The first book that I read was "The Alchemist", a really good book, it taught me a lot, and it's the kind of book that depending who is the reader and what is happening in the reader's life it can take on whole different meanings!

One of my favorite phrases in that book was something that went something like this: "A shepherd can always go back to being a shepherd, but he doesn't know if he can be a jeweler", loved that phrase... and it has a lot of meaning in my opinion! It says to never stop trying new things, to never stop trying to achieve for more, because even if we fail at doing something we can always go back and do whatever we were doing before!

That phrase, among other things, is one of the things that made me start investing, it made me want to achieve more, it destroyed all those doubts, all that programming that society put into my brain to stop me from investing, to stop me from trying to achieve financial freedom, to stop me from walking my own path, from building my own roads into the places that I want to go.

Knowledge is power, the pen is mightier than the sword, an idea is bulletproof, all good sayings that perfectly apply to books! Books are just like this, books are knowledge, knowledge written by a pen, books provide us with ideas, and those ideas are bulletproof!

I've read a couple of books since that first book, but I still need to read a lot more! Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, all of the worldwide known entrepreneurs and investors read at least a couple of hours a week, some even read daily, and I need to do the same! So many books that I still need to read..."Rich Dad, Poor Dad", "How to Win Friends and Influence People" "The Richest Man in Babylon" "Think and Grow Rich", I need to read all of these at least once, I need to see through the door, I need to see into the writer's mind and let it mold me! And I always advise everyone to read books, they are important! Videos are good, and I learned a lot through them, I even watched a video presentation about "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", but videos don't come close to books when it comes to molding one's mind.

This last Christmas my brother gave me a book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, I had heard about it before, it was on my "To Read" pile... Now with a physical copy in my hand, it will be the next book that I read, especially now that I'll have 1 week of holidays, 1 week is probably enough time to read this book, 229 pages isn't that much.

So, all-in-all, I would advise any wanna-be investor/entrepreneur to read, books are very powerful, it's almost magic! It has a sort of mysticism about it. A person starts reading a book and at the last page, at the last sentence, at the last letter, that same person isn't actually the same person...

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Question of the day: Do you like reading? What is your favorite finance book so far?

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Saw you on Ivan on Techs chat. Appreciated the Steem comment.

Oh you were there! There were a couple of us in that chat... it seems Ivan thinks steem is dead, doesn't look that dead to me 😅 Thanks for the comment and upvote!


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Nice list of books 😁👍 Just start reading “The Richest Man In Babylon”. Would recommend to put a “Bitcoin Standard” on a list as well 👍 Really some interesting information, not necessarily with bitcoin, but all about economics and history.

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