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Yesterday, @khaleelkazi put out a tremendous video detailing an article that was on Cointelegraph. In it, the CEO of Coinbase talked about the path to mass adoption. Basically, he was referring to the move from 50 million users to 5 billion.

I suggest everyone give this video a watch since it does a great job detailing what the future could look like.

What will Steemleo look like when cryptocurrency reaches mass adoption? This is the bazillion LEO question.

To start, we must take stock of where the ecosystem is at presently. There are three major pillars that are going to be focused upon going over the next year.

They are:

  1. Leoshop
  2. The Deentralized Exchange
  3. Leopoedia

This is in addition to the Steem based front end,

With all the uncertainty the last few weeks, we saw the price of the Steem-Engine tokens hit hard. This is not uncommon when fear is in the air. However, it is important to remember that both Steem-Engine and Steemleo are exempt from this. Neither operate at the base layer of the blockchain and only use that for the recording of data transactions. Essentially, this can be moved anywhere. operates on its own server. This is the starting point that protects it from being dragged into some of the uncertain activity. At the same time, the LEO token is list on the decentralized exchange with, at present, two front ends (Steem-Engine and LeoDex).

Steemleo focuses upon the world if business and investing. It is designed for people to get together to discuss different opportunities. Yet, it is able to move beyond it by being a resource for people to access information. This is the idea behind a number of additions over the past 9 months. Personally, I never have to check the price of Steem using CMC or Coingecko because it is always scrolling across the top of Steemleo.

The world of investing is enormous. Sites such as Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, and SeekingAlpha get millions of visitors. For this reason, they have people providing content to them in an effort to gain visibility. This allows them to offer out other products such as personal training, investment courses, or private memberships to forums.

Steemleo is looking to incorporate this idea with one notable exception: Using the Proof Of Brain model, content creators are able to earn the LEO token. This is the base token that is going to be the foundation of all transactions throughout the Steemleo ecosystem.


A large part of the avenue from 50 million users to 5 billion is for development in the cryptosphere. Steemleo is under the same obligation. To go from where it is today to a point where it can draw the attention of millions of people requires a great deal more development. It is uplifting to know that is taking place.

The investment community is only going to grow over the next decade. A starting point is the fact that we are going to see another 3+ billion people who are able to log onto the Internet in the next 5-7 years. This is an entirely new group of people with ideas and innovations.

Another factor to consider is the fact that anyone who is being rewarded with cryptocurrency automatically becomes an investor. Each time a token is received, one has a couple choices: sell it or swap it for something else. If the decision is to swap it, one must determine what project, hence token, is desirable. This is going to take on added meaning when we start to see security tokens representing projects such as real estate and intellectual property.

Finally, it is crucial to note that investing in cryptocurreny, i.e. people taking fiat money and swapping it for crypto, is not the path to mass adoption. Instead, people need to be able to earn crypto for actions taken. This is what Steemleo is doing.

Obviously, the ability to get rewarded in LEO based upon content creation (posts and comments) and curating is one essential factor of Steem. However, with the opening of the Leoshop, one is able to develop products that can be sold on there. This is another pathway for individuals to make money on a decentralized platform.

The most valuable aspect to all of this is that the platform is entirely community owned. The "owners" are the community that holds the tokens. Hence, those who are creating the content and active in the community are the ones who also are holding an asset that should increase over time as more success is achieved. Instead of helping out some centralized platform that is owned by a major corporation, each individual who contributes content is actually helping him or herself.

This is a model that I think will catch fire over the next half decade. When people realize what is here, it is easy to see the potential of Steemleo. The individual growth of each of these pillars will have great impact. However, since they all feed into each other, the convergence of growth will be far greater.

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I wish steemleo would unban me.

It should give many people comfort in knowing that Steemleo operates at the base layer of the blockchain and only use that for the recording of data transactions.

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steemleo keeps creating some awesome projects on its platform and i believe that steemleo will continue to do well because they have an impressive projects which is beneficial to the steem blockchain as a whole...@ taskmaster4450le

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Thanks for the shout.

You're always on point with the banner at the end of each of your posts and also with your wording for next half decade.

These things will take longer than most in the space think, in my opinion. Building any ecosystem (LEO or Steem or otherwise) is best built 1 solid brick at a time. I think we're a few bricks in and we've got a long ways to go. But the future looks incredibly bright

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@taskmaster4450le i love the way the leoshop project was done and i believe very soon the leoshop will be a platform that will be well embraced by everyone who wants an easier,effective and interesting shopping experience.....

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