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Sometimes it is best to return to the basics. As I was pondering some of what is taking place, I came up with an idea that I feel could help to propel Steemleo into the forefront of the shift that is taking plae.

Right now, it is estimated that there are 7.7B people on the planet. It was also estimated that as of June of this year, there were 4.5B people on the Internet. The growth rate was over 300M for the last 12 months, a number that is likely to accelerate.


We are seeing a number of projects out of SpaceX, Blue Origin, Oneweb, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. All of these projects are designed to blanket the planet with Internet coverage. SpaceX is already releasing their Starlink satellites which are going to be going online soon. Over the next few years, they are going to work their way up towards 20K satellites.

What this means is there are going to be a lot of new users to the Internet. Most of these people are from 3rd world nations where poverty is the harshest. Giving them access to the world's knowledge base is going to radically alter their outlook.

This is where Steemleo has a tremendous opportunity. It is wonderful to write about financial products such as derivatives or investment strategies such as a butterfly spread when using options. However, this is of little use to people who are new to the world of money. Remember, the people in these areas are relegated to a cash basis due to a lack of access to even the most basic of banking functions.


Investopedia is a well known investment "encyclopedia". In other words, it is a tremendous resource for financial and investing information.

By the same token, Wikipedia became one of the largest information resources by tapping into the hivemind of humanity and having individuals contribute to the product. This led to a database of information that puts it at the top of most search topics.

My proposal is for Steemleo to utilize the knowledge base that already exists on the site to put together a new product.

Enter Leopedia.

This can be a repository of information pertaining to business, investing, finance, and economics. It can be written by existing Steemleo contributors who submit their posts for inclusion.

How would this work?

To start, a tab is set up taking one to the Leopedia section. This is where all the pages are found. It also makes it very easy to create a search of just those pages. Thus, anyone can type in a keyword or phrase and come up with the information that is sought.

Obviously, there is the question of knowledge, so this is not open posting. It has to be moderated for accuracy, at least to start. However, as it expands, the hivemind could take over and a more open system implemented.

The pages of different topics are added to Leopedia. At the same time, the post is put up by @leopedia. This is an account designed for posting those subjects to the blockchain, so it is located both on the blockchain and in the database.

There is another reason for posting out of the Leopedia account. The first is the person who submitted the content is listed as a 50% beneficiary. This provides the incentive for those in the community to contribute their expertise.

Another reason to do this is provide another application that burns LEO. Any payouts the Leopedia accounts gets are burned, thus helping to reduce the supply.

So what does this do for Steemleo?

As I understand it, the amount of pages that would be added to the site would be enormous which helps in the search engine ranking. When we consider all the different topics and definitions, all of which could be their own page, we could see a site adding tens of thousands of pages over the next year or two.

Also, as an informational resource, the marketing could look to target these individuals who are most in need of that knowledge. Communities on the continent of Africa, SE Asia, and Central America could all be accessed since Steemleo would offer something to them that is needed.

It is a way to get the foot in the door with people who are brand new to the Internet.

These are the people who are really going to be most impacted by cryptocurreny. If things unfold the way I see them, there will be millions of different tokens being distributed each day. These people, by virtue of being online, will start to be rewarded just like many of us are today. This will not only provide an income to help eradicate the poverty they are mired in but, also, open the door for wealth creation.

Steemleo could be an important tool in that endeavor. It is time to start thinking about those individuals and how to access them.

This is where the future is.

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Awesome idea, my sentiments exactly...check out the post I write earlier today.


An excellent article. It looks like we both see this in a similar fashion.

One of the comments in your post referred to what normal people are or are not into. The challenge is that we are going to see billions added to the internet over the next half decade or so and this is a ripe market for education.

I like the idea! It could bring some nice organic (Google) traffic and help a lot with onboarding new lions!

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I dunno if we need an encyclopedia but I think I should try and help people with finances.

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