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After being quiet for so long, it seems that there are some things taking place.

This is how it always seems to happen. News appears in waves.

To start, the Hard Fork that is coming up is getting some attention. As I noted in my post yesterday, it made it to the front page of Coindesk for a while. The article was well written giving a fair assessment of what is taking place.

This got a bunch of people active on Coindesk's Twitter, which has over a million followers. Many retweeted the announcement while posting comments. Activities like that, if done consistently, will pay off over time.

Then, in addition to that, @bitrocker2020 put up a post detailing how there were a number of sites that had articles about the Hard Fork.

The other day I wrote about @steemhunt and what that team is doing. We have a post this morning that announces a project with where people can will DAPPT tokens for creating artwork and memes for different applications. One of the apps they chose was Steemhunt.


Then we get the announcement a couple days ago that Megacity is updating their platform. Do not recognize the name? It was originally announced on Steem under the name "Cache". This is a multi-blockchain platform that will allow the game to import to and exports from many blockchains. One of them is Steem.

The game, itself, appears to be built on Steem. What is vital here is this project team originally started building on Ethereum but switched to Steem.

Here is why in their words:

It is very important for us that MEGACITY is a free to play game. While we had been developing exclusively on Ethereum previously, we realized that with spikes in transaction fees, this would not be sustainable. We have no interest in making our players have to pay a fee for every transaction they make within the game, and on Ethereum that seemed to be the future.

Moving our core development to the Steem blockchain allows us to keep with our vision of a free to play game for all.

This cannot be understated. While Ethereum gets a lot of publicity and is known for attracting developers, the fees associated with activity on that blockchain make it impractical for many use cases, including gaming.

It is sad that many have the view that Steem is a piece of crap blockchain and that it is nothing. Focusing upon the price or market action tells a part of the story, but not the entire story. There are many reasons why markets do what they do. Sometimes they are in lockstep with what is truly taking place but often they are not. That is why they have boom/bust periods.

There is a lot taking place on Steem and it is only increasing. It is natural to want to look at how things are now and project that out like it is how things always will be. Part of the process of forecasting with technology is the interconnected web of development that takes place. What looks like a helter-skelter approach is actually, through the invisible hand, a concerted effort where open source ideas are joined and built upon each other.

We are seeing that taking place on Steem.

Here is an interview done with Jeff Bezos in 1999. Notice how the interviewer tried to corner Bezos, even calling people like him (those looking to disrupt decades old businesses) "arrogant".

In hindsight, it is amazing how right Bezos was and how clueless the interviewer now appears. We are seeing a similar thing happening today. Disruption is in the air yet most do not see it.

My belief is that Steem is one of the networks at the center of this change. The growth is not going to happen instantly, but it will hit. When it does, many will be surprised with how vicious the turn around it.

The token price keeps dropping, which could be viewed as the "end of the world" or an opportunity. Time will tell whether the bulls are right or if the bears were the smart ones. Since my money follows my keyboard, I am in the first camp. (Proverbial disclaimer about not giving financial advice).

Things are happening on Steem. It is a very exciting time.

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Great video. He really seems obsessed and a little bit autistic even in this vid.

What's up with the excessive blinking? Is he on Adderall or something?

well at least he knows he can get it delivered same day if he runs out.

best customer experience ever XD


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circa 1999 all over again...steem will take it's place among the best in the years to come.

Thx for the mention buddy 😊.. Let's hope that the conversations around Steem will continue and keep going strong and positive. You are right... Steem has been really quiet from the perspective of the general Crypto media, its about time to make some noise to gain more awareness and that Steem is still around and has active communities.

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I will definitely take a look at the interview with Bezos! Rhanks for sharing.

He does put a lot of emphasis on the customer experience though which is something we really fail on here with the system currently in place.

Bought some more today as it seems like the obvious thing to do with every little bit available!

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Highly rEsteemed!

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